brullov_pompeii My wife Katya had replied to one of my earlier questions of the week in regards to "who inspired you", however the post did not seem to go through, but I feel that this artist’s work should be examined.


I particularly enjoyed looking at the realism of the work, the colors just jumped off the screen and it was very strong in its dimension and how you could see that the artist desired to show the subject in it’s truest form. I am going to post this entry to my other 2 blogs on art as to the fact that this artist is one to investigate further.

The above picture is

The Last Day of Pompeii, 1830-33
Oil on Canvas, 456.5 x 651 cm
The State Russian Museum

St. Petersburg, Russia

You can view more of his works at



Karl Briullov – Self-Portrait, 1848
Oil on Canvas, 64.1 x 54 cm
The State Tretyakov Gallery

Moscow, Russia







Source: Karl Briullov – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

digg_title = ‘Karl Briullov’;
digg_bodytext = ‘Artist of Excellence’;


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