Walking, walking and walking

Wet and sticky

The earth beneath my feet giving way

My life, drags behind me

Like a homeless persons shopping cart

Head down, not to view

The eyes that are watching me

Waiting to see me fall

Uneven and uneasy

Unsure, the earth beneath my feet

Sliding with every step

Backward, like a dancer stepping out of time

Dancing……..into Oblivion

Getting dark outside, cold and wetter

The rain coming down, washes away my memory

I fade from view, soon to be forgotten

Wasted years, trying to find hope

I bend down, running my hands through the muck

Hoping to gleam some chance of redemption

Some chance at a life on fertile soil

To watch my dreams grow strong

And not to wilt away

I trudge on, with pain in tow

Supported only by to love of mine

I hope not to fail them

Or myself, while going towards the river banks

The river banks of torment

Which summon me on?

I find a place that’s dry, if only for a while

Until the tide comes in

I look upon my feet, tired and swollen

To wipe the mud form my shoes

Mud of sorrow

That rolls back upon itself in my wake

I look at the distance of where I have been

I see no trace; the mud has resettled and covered my steps

No history of me, no signs that I have been

I look forward to where I must go, with hope glazing my vision

Looking for patches of sanity in which to rest my bones

What will become of me now?

Back into the mud I must go


The next moment of peace

The next moment of delight

Wanting the Mud of my life to dry

And praying the is no quicksand



digg_title = ‘Footprints in The Mud’;
digg_bodytext = ‘A poem analizing my most recent mood swing’;
digg_topic = ‘Poetry’;

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