I have never been able to keep my thoughts from wandering, and in these times, when money and social grief seem to overwhelm me, this should be a time for my writing to flourish. I have a major even coming up, I was asked be a local charity to provide paintings for auction, I was one of only 3 artists in all of California asked to provide works for the event, it is for a children’s charity that provides for children with little or no resources, it is a great honor, but I will move on… I was asked to provide a bio, a brief yet eliminating synopsis of who I am. This poses a major issue for me, how can a person sum themselves up in just a few words? I know that other writers do it all the time, but I am an anal retentive, obnoxious, self centered, hedonistic, male chauvinistic pig, with no redeeming self endured qualities…, in short, I am a jerk! How can I be honest and yet make myself look good. I have no pictures of myself, other than one of me at 2 years of age and one at 5 years of age that make me look good, I am old, fat and bald,… no Rock Hudson or Johnny Dep, I  am overly fuzzy and I have knobby knees, and I have made it clear that if my loving and beautiful wife ever gets her eyeglasses checked, she will run in fright, or beat me with a stick, one or the two…. or both.

I you have not yet guessed, I don’t like myself too much…

I was diagnosed as “clinically depressed”, meaning its the happy house for me if I don’t start popping pills, and since I refuse meds, well, my time runs quick and I may be fitted for a white suit soon 🙂

My cat just jumped through the window, looked at me and meowed, he then looked very disgusted at the fact that I did not jump up to feed him and ran out to the kitchen to bother my wife, even animals think I am a jerk 🙂

so, back to my dilemma, what should I say about me,  guess Ill just have to lie and say how humble i am or how I feel so enchanted with Art and the nobility of the painterly craft.. HOGWASH, I paint to keep my brain from exploding and my limbs from turning to mush at my sides from boredom. I write to keep my thoughts from fading away into the dust of oblivion and to make some sense of my dementia. But I spite myself too much, I must have some redeeming qualities, some reason to be happy about this, so below is what I plan to say, don’t laugh out too loudly, I may hear you…

Joseph Timmons, artist and writer, originally from NY moved to the Central Coast in 1990, there he lives with his wife, Yekaterina and his 5 children. Joseph works in a manner such as the Abstract Impressionists or the New York Art Scene that was the birth point of artists such as Jackson Pollack and Klein or DeKooning and feels that Painting is a medium that is “changing as the paint dries”, paint contracts with drying, so it changes as it’s viewers perception changes. Joseph has given to this charity two of his most recent works, one is “Hemispheres” a 2 piece painting that represents the human mind, a left and right side that can function independently but is not as good as the mind as a whole, and the whole mind can imagine anything. The second work is a painting called “Passion”, the colors of this work against a stark background illuminate the thought that even in the darkest of moments, the passion and powerful vision of “Love” or “Passion” can bring a living light to one’s life. Joseph hopes that the works provided inspire Art lovers and enthusiasts find his visions of value and purchase these paintings to help those who need it, the children, who need more that one voice and more than just a helping hand, this program, and Rancho Vino offers hope for a better life, Thank you in advance for you kindness and your generosity.

I  hope that this does not seem too verbose, but it is the only thing I could think of, I spoke more about my work and the charity than myself, I don’t mean much, but the cause is good, and I really want to see it go well.

below is a link to the charity website


Event Location
Event Location

Event Tickets are 50.00, available at the site above

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Blogger Labels: times,money,grief,auction,California,event,children,synopsis,person,words,self,male,qualities,pictures,Rock,Johnny,knees,wife,eyeglasses,pills,fact,animals,dilemma,HOGWASH,brain,mush,boredom,oblivion,spite,Joseph,Timmons,artist,writer,Central,Coast,Yekaterina,manner,Abstract,Impressionists,York,Scene,Jackson,Pollack,Klein,viewers,perception,Hemispheres,piece,human,Passion,background,vision,Love,life,Rancho,Vino,Thank,coop,index,Location,artists,limbs,moments,enthusiasts,visions


2 thoughts on “When it comes down to it, …What?

  1. Hi Joseph,How was Seattle? Did the overcast give you those first several paragraphs where you talk about yourself like you are Mr.Hyde?Your short bio (a good moderate Dr. Jekyl of painting:-)is good. It's moderate, positive, uplifting and more accurately describes yourself.However, I do wish you could do something with this line from the Hyde part. It sounds like the beginning of a poem:"I paint to keep my brain from exploding and my limbs from turning to mush at my sides from boredom. I write to keep my thoughts from fading away into the dust of oblivion"Now that's poetry that paints:-) In the Light,Daniel


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