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Quiet now, listen to

The Stillness

Be at one, all within

With the dark and brooding

Silence of the night

My soul, turning, spinning, twisting

Weeping with the wind

Cold and bitter, now

Depress and suppress the feelings of

Pain, if that is what it is or more than that

I am not sure,How “It” began

But I live it now, my life it is

And I want to be free

Come to me now

And show me there is life in this time I gasp for breath

Show me there is hope

Show me




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One thought on “New Poem

  1. Hi again Joseph,I just read your poem "Stillness."I especially was moved by your lines"My soul, turning, spinning, twistingWeeping with the wind"And I liked the internal consonance of "one all within".


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