Remember those
who can no longer
walk the city streets
play in parks
revel in the night
kiss the ones they loved
love the ones they kissed

Remember those
whom now, voiced are silenced
who on one day
became images in memories
became pictures on the mantles
shadows of themselves

Remember those
who, on a September morning
in the blink of an eye
or in hours of torment
left this earth, for the clouds in the sky
whether on the planes, the towers or the streets
will never be forgotten

Remember, New York
Remember, Midtown
Remember, Ground 0
It seems so long ago
or just like yesterday
nine years ago today
our lost friends, who left this day

In Memory of the victims of 9/11 – Past, Present and Future
We will miss you


One thought on “Remember – a Poem of tribute

  1. Hi Joseph,Lines that have poetic power–Remember thosewhom now, voiced are silencedwho on one daybecame images in memoriesbecame pictures on the mantlesbecameshadows of themselvesThanks for writing and posting this memoriam.Danielshadows of themselves


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