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logoOK, now I don’t often plug stores or offer criticism or critiques of retailers, I have done book reviews and food reviews, but to tell people about where to shop, no, hardly ever. I have found a new favorite bookstore, and it is the $1.00 Bookstore in the Santa Maria Town Center Mall. this store is part of a new chain of bookstores offering used books of a wide variety to the consumer. Most bookstores have hundreds of titles, new releases and so on, which is great if you are looking for a new book title, or looking to get the next installment of a new series, I have often praised stores like Boarders and Barnes and Nobel for having a great selection of new books, buy when it comes to finding used books in paperback or hardcover, I have, like most of you, had to check every used bookstore in town, or the thrift stores, which has much to be desired, oh you may find a gem or 2, but they have prices on them, often higher than original price.

The $1.00 Bookstores is very different, they have literally HUNDEREDS, if not THOUSANDS of titles, paperback, Hardcover, recent works, complete collections, the occasional rare / out of print tome that you may have been looking for online for months, and still not find. The staff, is very friendly and if it is not there, they will call to another branch to see if it is there or take your information and call you when it comes in, they have a hold and lay-a-way program, daily deals, like buy 5 and get 1 free, new and used movies, Comic Books and Anime, in the TONS, I mean some are entire collections from issue 1 to 100 and more. what is the best is the concept that no matter what you pick up, just a buck, your buying power really goes far.

The $1.00 Bookstore, here in Santa Maria, is located on the 1st floor of the Santa Maria Town Center Mall, Directly across from the main entrance, their phone is 805-352-0044, hors are standard mall hours 10am to 7pm Mon-Sun, and I think if you go there you will find something special, I never leave it without something. their motto “Making a Difference, One Book at a Time” and they do, I see very happy children, and even happier parents enter and leave the store often.

I would like, if I may, check out the poetry section, wow, lots and lots of great books, selections change literally daily.

$1.00 Bookstores 805-352-0044
$1.00 Bookstores 805-352-0044

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