DSCF3603 Cafe Noir, located at 1555 South Broadway in Santa Maria, California offers a nice and relaxing rest spot on the days weary travels, soft and gentile music floats through the air while the scent of fresh coffee looms. Tucked in the corner of the Stole Shopping Center, across from the local bank and motor lodge on the main thoroughfare of town sits a small independent coffee house with grand design. Locally owned and operated, this cafe offers daily fresh made foods and pastries, along with a selection of coffees and beverages that are cost compatible with most of the surrounding mainstream operations, but serving size is larger and served by a staff that is friendly and knowledgeable. The Cafe Noir offers fee wi-fi to customers and opens Monday through Friday at 7:00am until 5:00pm, Saturdays 8:30am until 3:00pm. Sadly, there are no Sunday hours, at least not yet.

The restaurant section is clean and inviting, wooden table and chairs submit to the natural shade from the buildings design, but there is much natural light and plenty of space to arrange tables for large parties. the cafe has a separate area / room for meeting, such as the local book and poetry clubs. The Inside is complimented by large living plants and a decor that is somewhat Central American and Asian blend influence, along with a very large fish tank, which may not be commonplace but works for this location. There is a reading “room” in the back, which has many new and used books for sale, as well as reading copies. The owner, in casual conversation, mentioned that they may be offering space to local artists, but for now, only offer a small, but pleasant selection of gift items. This cafe has “rustic” charm, that was established by prior owners, the new owners have made some nice improvements and look to doing more and want to give this location a refresh, yet keep the charm that has and is widely desired by the long term patrons. Cafe Noir was originally Cafe Monet , which has been a Santa Maria Hot Spot since it opened in 1990, but sadly fell from grace around 2004, new owners purchased the cafe in 2009, but resold this year to the present owners, who also operate a local bookstore, so I have hopes that the new owners will bring this wonderful place back to the forefront of this cities local style.

Best of Luck, and keep the coffee hot.

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Article by Joseph Timmons,
Groove Studio1 Editor


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