Just a quick rant……

I have a problem, I am tired of the present men’s fashion industry promoting men’s style as a carbon copy, cookie cut stringy thin shadow of a man-thing. I am, by no means, the perfect image of a “studly” guy, I am a bit overweight, in my 40s and, well, set in my ways. I do like to dress well, and the men’s fashion industry is putting the brothers of my kind and I into a quandary, “Do I look for a fig leaf or the nearest big and tall”. The recent spring and fall lines do not hold for me a direction of choice, and it is becoming harder to find something stylish and comfortable in my size, and I am only a size 38 waist / 32 long, 18 neckline kind of guy.

For years, I have heard women complain about the “Barbie Image”, and I agree, people should be able to define themselves for what they want to be and be seen as, so what is a man to do when posed with the same question of self image and portrayal.

I offer this question for your consideration, when are the style magazines of our interest actually going to publish material we are interested in.


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