Having read this piece by GQ, I find myself asking “what to avoid”. The designers this article touted are very good designers, well known for classic styles and re-fits of old standards, however I have to admit, I think the well of ideas is running dry this season.

The old bulky sweaters and the “too tight to move” look in suits is comical at best, and the colors, hmmm…. lets see, we have black, black and black, which is not bad, I like the standard black 3 button with tucked waist, or dark navy pin, but the shimmering satin look is not business as usual and the darted waist gives the wearer a bust line, which in women’s fashion, quite flattering, but on men, well… not so much.

The tie selection was good, but not enough wide ties, wide ties make a statement of strength and in the present economy / workforce dynamic, if a person is going to get a look together to be upwardly mobile, or to get a good job, they should have a look that is bold and says “I can do the job” not “ I look Pretty”. and there was little or no mention of shirt / tie combinations that would lead me to buy a new tie right now.

The leather jackets for this season looks like Marlon Brando meets lord chummily, the classic motorcycle jacket is a statement of the “Tuff Guy” and should be worn with T-Shirt and Jeans, high boots and an overall street worn attitude, not for afternoon tea.

Designer sweats, really………………designer sweats, next we’ll be offered the running suit and parachute pants. I loved the 80’s, but that was then, this is now, nobody wants to spend big money for a pair of pants we can get for 10.00 at the local mall.

Men’s footwear should be durable and support the lifestyle of the wearer, so the military lace-up boot and featured footwear was good, but too much, all the designers went with big bulky, or “worn” looking. I know there is just so much you can do with lace up boots, so where were the slip on, cowboys and ankle high or side zips, give us some variations of style, not more of the same.

I don’t want you to misunderstand me, I do like fashion for men, I do think that all men could use a bit of color in their wardrobe. but the trend seems to be moving to “tight is right” and men are not built this way, even the slender sexy man needs a bit of room to move, so to the designers, give us back our manly waist and shoulders, give us a suit we can work with and colors that say something nice about us as we strut down the street looking for a “good cup of joe”, we want style and class that we have worked hard to be admired for.

Original Article: The GQ Fall 2010 Trend Report, by Jim Moore: How to Build Your Perfect Fall Wardrobe: Wear It Now: GQ

** I have read articles by Jim Moore, he is a very knowledgeable writer and has offered very good opinions in the past, my post in no way mocks him personally, just the horrible clothing the industry is offering at this time.


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