I got into modeling by creating an account on a networking website for photographers, models, designers, etc. in 2007. (i.e. http://www.modelmayhem.com) It was fairly amateur at the time, and it still is! I found some talented people on there and collaborated with them. I am thankful for all of the awesome art-lovers I’ve made friends and beautiful pictures with!

However, on the other side of the coin is a myriad of dirty male perverts using the photography business as a way of getting women to get undressed for them. That may sound pessimistic, but it’s the undeniable truth. There are people like that everywhere, so to be a freelance model on the internet is taking a risk! You must do your homework if you want to keep yourself free from harm’s way. (Or out of the porn industry. But hey, do what you love.)

If a photographer contacts me through this website offering to pay me for a shoot, the first thing I do is highly scrutinize their dialogue, profile information, and images. If their work is tasteful and I can tell they have good intentions, then I will consider working with them. Next, (the most important step) I contact a few models that he or she has worked with. I ask the models how their experience went, and inquire about the demeanor and professionalism of the photographer. If that checks out okay, then I will still continue to talk to this photographer and let them ‘build a rapport’ with me before I agree to meet them.

Something models should always remember: you are meeting a stranger off an amateur website. All of these people are not necessarily working for anyone.

This “industry” definitely isn’t my favorite. It is an aspect of the art-world, but definitely far from the best. Malice, bad intentions and attention-starved people reign supreme, and that honestly isn’t the greatest atmosphere to spend most of one’s time.

Now, I don’t model full-time, and I don’t model hoping to make a career out of it; it’s more so a hobby. However I still love to work with my photographer friends to create new and interesting images. I love art, acting, and getting thoroughly involved in my shoots– such as styling and generating concept ideas. I dislike images that solely sell a dress or makeup; or have no emotional value or fail to leave anything to the imagination.

My favorite things to model are vintage lingerie, vintage apparel, stockings, obscure high heels, latex clothing, and anything that I find flattering, reminiscent of high fashion or alternative in style. I actually love high fashion. Thankfully I have good taste or I’d need a wardrobe stylist at all of my shoots. (Ha ha)

My favorite photographer to work with is Barry Goyette, out of San Luis Obispo, CA. He has photographed my best work. He’s extremely professional and very creative, and has the type of mindset I can greatly relate with, particularly when brainstorming ideas. We create something totally different each time we meet and he always surprises me with the results. http://www.barrygoyette.com


My career-oriented goals truly lie within music and writing. When I’m not modeling and getting the attention I crave, I sit at home and write lyrics, guitar riffs and piano songs, while going to school full-time to eventually acquire a bachelor’s degree.


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