Ciao! welcome to the validation you seek, the help he needs and a breather in your day.

We know your man is awesome; kind, smart, sweet, ( maybe a little savory if you’re lucky) But he needs to get a clue on looking who he is. Easier said than done, I know, but we are gonna get it done. But undressing your man starts with his head. (uh huh!)

First, you need to research; look for body types similar to what your dealing with. A crew collar (at left) works for tall neck people, a V neck is for the rest of us. Be very realistic. If your dealing with jeans, tennis and a rock t- shirt, the three piece suit will only work for televised makeover shows, not real life. Add a short sleeve collar polo to his jeans replacing the rock t, see how that works.

Men care about comfort first; which ever position he plays in life he needs to breathe in his clothes, move in his space and own what he’s doing. So being supportive is the way to his heart and closet.

You might start by sitting on the couch looking through magazines, commenting on fashionable looks and how he could make that look good also. Bringing home a Ralph Lauren suit is rude and pushy. Dropping hints as to how to improve how he wears what he already has is another subtle gesture; No extra money spent, and Mr Ego is not so threatened. Sweetness works to ease the pain of change; be ready, it may backfire and you may need to keep him well dressed locked up at home.


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