With the rise of the TEA party and the now emerging Coffee party, you have to believe something is a really brewing in America. What it resembles is more like an angry witch’s cauldron or tempest in a teapot if you would, then some warm friendly brew you’ll find in your local beanery. Both of these homegrown/grassroots movements stem from a growing anger against the government and its continuing support of big business at the expense of the average citizen. Both parties hold this above all else to be the number one problem facing our country today. Whether it’s the endless expansion of the money supply to fund Wall Street bailouts or tax cuts for wealthy business interests who have shipped American jobs overseas for nearly three decades, you can easily find a protest to suit your concerns.

To give an idea of the real problem facing the average citizen when it comes to getting one of your political representatives to hear your case and act upon it, one must start with a simple understand of what makes politicians tick. Money and at a ten thousand dollar a plate fundraiser you’re lucky to get a three second smile, handshake and a thank you from the person you just help land a job. At a quarter of a million you might be able to sit at their table and listen to them babble about how great they are at said fundraiser. It’s not until you enter the millionaires club of donors that he or she will even give you an audience. Simply put, it’s far easier to hit up a few billionaires for a couple of million dollars then it is to ask a couple of million people for a hundred dollars each and when it’s time to enact legislation it’s those “big donors” who voices will be heard.

Although the anger of both the TEA party and the Coffee party members differ vastly in the causes of our problems in America today, we can be easily see in simple mathematical reality that we are much worse off today than we were just a few decades ago. Income inequality metrics provide a measurement tool used to determine the dispersion of wealth amongst a closed society like a country. Zero being absolute equality and one hundred being one person earning everything. In 1968 the U.S. Census Bureau reported the lowest recorded level of wealth disparity in the United States history (38.6). In 2006 that number had reached its highest level ever (47.0). Our share of the great American dream, our slice of the pie got smaller even when more people where homeowners than ever before in American history.

If that isn’t bad enough, when adjusted for inflation you actually have less buying power than somebody did doing the same exact job 30 years ago, even though people on average earn five times more than people did back then. This miracle of economic deception is made possible via relentless money printing at the Federal Reserve and reckless money compounding or multiplying on Wall Street and through the banking system. Each dollar printed by the Fed devalues all the money you have and since that new money enters directly into the banking system and onto Wall Street they are the ones who control it and gain the most profit from it. Nearly all credit card companies have a default rate in the vicinity of 30% while only being charged about 3% by the Fed for the money they themselves have to borrow from you the taxpayer. The debt you owe to the credit company is counted as an asset on the credit card company’s balance sheets allowing them to lend out even more money thus multiplying the money supply and further devaluing the money you may have saved for a rainy day.

The American government has simply been an enabler in this phenomenon. Whether it’s the President pushing congress for more free trade zones, congress never questioning the Federal Reserve money printing or some local small town mayor cutting a ribbon on a new megastore, each in their own way has allowed the interests of the wealthiest and more politically connected to supersede the interests of the common people. All one has to do is walk down any Main street USA and see the lack of mom & pop type stores. Nail salons, pizzerias, Chinese food places and bars seem to be the last bastion of the common man and flood every mall and intersection in the country. While big box stores and large chain type retailers and restaurants dominate our everyday lives. With promises of tax cuts, more jobs and a better standard of living for all, politicians blindly enable greater profits for the elitists while small local businesses are squashed into bankruptcy.

The anger felt on both sides of the political spectrum reflect the reality that the average person has gotten duped into our current economic state. More and more hard working Americans are struggling paycheck to paycheck, falling into poverty while Wall Street is set to hand out another round of record breaking bonuses. Frankly, nobody in the media or political spectrum is even discussing how to address these grievances. More tax cuts, more bailouts, and talk of getting already cash strapped consumers out spending again is all we ever hear about. Both the TEA party and Coffee party have been brewing some answers up on their own but dived they are and conquered they will be if some common rallying point is not found. History has shown that it takes a major disaster to unite people of different viewpoints let’s hope it doesn’t have to come to that, because it will be a bitter brew indeed.


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