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EVENT: Dinner From The New Brooklyn Cookbook!
VENUE: Saul, Brooklyn; Phoebe’s Client’s Kitchen, Upper East Side
TYPE: Restaurant-style meal
MENU: Scallops with White Bean Puree, Kale, & Pine Nuts

“A few weeks ago, our friends over at William Morrow, the publishing house that is putting our BGSK baby on the shelf, sent us each a copy of The New Brooklyn Cookbook.
Being staunch home cooks, neither of us had been to many of the restaurants featured within its pages (though Cara’s attendance, being a Brooklynite and all, far exceeded mine). We were torn between plunging head first into some of the recipes, and going to get our fix at the restaurants themselves. Luckily, I had the option to do both in the weeks that followed.
Cara and I were guests on Cathy Erway’s radio show Let’s Eat In (listen here!), which was recorded in Heritage Farm’s studio in the backyard of Roberta’s. We had a hard time answering some of Cathy’s questions on air, mainly because our mouths were full of pizza.”

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“ Sounds like a great opportunity to learn and do some great cooking”

Big Girls, Small Kitchen: A Guide To Quarter-Life Cooking: Giveaway: The New Brooklyn Cookbook!


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