Man was born naked but his shame made him don Rock T shirts.

Fashion is a reflection of any societies current events in economics, education, expectations, politics and taboos. What is beautiful is relative but what is worn during a span of time is dictated by society for society. YOU are a member of society, like it or not. You also must wear clothing of some kind while outside your home (the exception is in someone else’s place, who really likes you).

Aside from specialty shops, mainstream fashion is subject to availability, economic scales and cues from cultures emerging and dying off. As our world gets smaller we see cross over of styles; long draping scarves worn around the neck, sarong, skirts of wrapped fabric are common here now in variety of colors, patterns and sizes but for thousands of years were exclusive to the middle east and India.

Interestingly enough, a paradox is happening now; President Obama is working very hard to de-isolate the US and blend us in with the rest of the world.

First Lady, Michelle Obama is inadvertently, indirectly boosting the American fashion market. JCrew, Talbots, Gap have all benefit from her appearance in their clothing. Her style is simple, comfy and elegant. An essence of 1950’s appeal. Her getting ripped apart by the media for enjoying a taste of French shopping was malicious attack on American fashions biggest supporter.

Taboos are evident in fashion, the bathing suits of the 1920s

have given way to thongs and bandau top bikinis. the change is a reflection of how society has changed. Go Kim K!

Many consumers in the US do not see themselves as dictating fashion; runway couture is rarely seen in suburbs of the middle class streets, but it is not unusual to purchase a $600 purse at the local Mall.
( But that maybe more about priorities, availability and yes, the brainwashing effect of marketing, purses are for women what cars are for men).

Next time you see a photo of someone wearing something you like or hate and think you can’t pull off wearing it, think again because it is YOU, society member, that put it there for the masses to see and consume so go try it on.

Dress well, be happy.


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