“I do what I do, because I love what I do, my hands are a gift, which I look to share” – Jose Barrientos,

imageI recently had the opportunity to meet with Jose Barrientos, of JB’s Jewelers, a small but thriving, family owned and operated jewelry store, humble in stature, yet so much more. Jose is one of the true craftsmen of the Central Coast, offering his clients not just a ring, but tradition that goes back for as long as there has been elegant workmanship. The style of his work is superb and original, Jose creates all of his designs, by hand, crafted in the tradition of the master crafters of by-gone days, taking time for all the details, no orders from a catalog or waiting for weeks to get your product.

imageJose has an individual process of design to creation to finished product that is completed within a week, and he can create that special piece that will stay in your family for generations.


I watched Jose work on a piece while I was visiting with him, I believe you would be hard pressed to find the attention to detail that would normally found in “The Big Cities” and with JB’s, the cost of your custom creation is nominal by comparison. With over 30 Years of experience in design, creation and repair, JB’s Jewelers in the place in the Central Coast for your next treasure. 

JB’s Jewelers is located at 323 Town Center West, C1-C, Santa Maria, CA 93458 (805) 614-7711.

You can contact them by phone between 10:00 am to 5:30 pm or by email : jbjewelers@gmail.com, and discuss your Jewelry needs.



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