JosephPuzzling Pieces to a Great Looking You

The phrase, “if it looks good, it is good” has always been a favorite of mine regarding style. Appearance can be everything in how a man is perceived, the way he walks, speaks and all of his mannerisms are set back from the initial “first sight”. First Impressions, which can either promote or devastate the individual’s goals. I would like to explore and cover in this article the minute details that can make your look your “best foot forward”.

Under the cloth: the individual can have any body type and must be happy with themselves , unless you have radical full body plastic surgery scheduled to make that drastic change. Accept who you are physically. Our bodies are the base upon our look is built, know your foundation. Select clothing that accentuates the good and under emphasizes the bad. Don’t try to fit a size 40 waist into a size 28, remember math exists and size, in this case matters, your clothing should fit comfortably, but above all fit your body. Do not look for over “baggy” or “form fitting”, get something that looks good on you, the mirror is not the enemy, just an honest friend.

Your 2nd skin: your clothing choices should be a representation of “who you are” and who you want to be. Select color and styles that is you, not the model in the magazine, what looks nice on them may look horrible in full size and real life. Models go through a lot to get the size they are and fit the “teeny-tiny” sample sizes they have to wear in photo shoots and on the runway. Most models I have spoken with have clothing that fits them. Models get paid to be in “pain” on the runway, you should pay to be more than plain.

Color is everything: select clothing that will not make you look like a ghost, or the rainbow pavilion at the county fair. Your clothing color selections should make you look good, as well as make a committed style statement. Example: I have brown skin, dark eyes and Hair, so I stick to the warm tones, not too much black clothing (unless I want to look like a 60’s revolutionary, which I have been told on a good day I look the Che’) but I often have lighter colored shirts and always dark shoes, tweed jacket or vest and the dark overcoat (on cold days) gives me a nice tight look, approachable yet manly. If your personality is fair or light hearted, bright colors are best, serious minded business man look is good if that’s who you are, if not, don’t expect to be the hit of the party.

Ties, this is the one element that I truly enjoy watching men try to find the correct style of. The tie is still elusive, and can kill a look. Solids are in my opinion golden, and should be in every man’s drawer. Prints and quirky ties are for are good for non-formal and close gatherings, night out with the gang or to make the “I don’t Care, I like this Tie” style. Remember, if the tie is wider than your chest and needs batteries, don’t wear it in public. As a final statement, learn how to “Tie a Tie”, so many times a man selects a great tie, but looks dopey because a he Double Windsor ’ed himself to death. Bow Ties are better than you think and can be great fun, but get a real Bow Tie, no Clip On, that’s just tacky.

The 3 piece suit has made a great comeback, I know I just said that business is business and warned about the stuffed shirt complex. But the 3 piece suit gives you a chance to explore combinations, color swaps and the dashing playboy look that women secretly swoon over. The suit is not just business or family gatherings, it sets an element of gentlemanly elegance that could shoot you up through the rank and file, if you get the right cut and style, casual suits have colors that and swap out with other apparel ideas, but mix with pinstripe and you are out for the count, pinstripes, no matter how thin, can kill a look, but if you are daring, angled stripping on a tie and a vest with pinstriped pants can give a nostalgic and comfortable look for the day.

Shoes, quite simply are that base that hold you up, don’t wear combat boots with a designer suit, but consider deck shoes with jeans. Shoes are noticed, women have multiple pairs for every combination possible, not because they like shoes, but women are keenly aware of what works, if your wife of girlfriend, significant other of flinches when you walk out of the bedroom, its bad, if she starts to pack her bags because of your shoe selection, go back and check the closet Charlie. Your shoes say that you “stand out”, no pun intended, we (men) are also judged by our footwear, some styles are carefree some business only, find you ped selection somewhere in between. With footwear, also keep in mind that if you spend allot of time on your feet, comfort is a major qualifier, the shoes may look great, but if your feet hurt, you’re not going to be a great dancer on that first date.

Headwear, not everyone is Frank Sinatra, John Wane or Che’ Guevara, not everyone looks good in a hat, know what to wear and when, a driving cap and a spot coat go well together, but a Tuxedo and a Drum Durham cap do not. There are some great haberdashers (men’s outfitters) out there and these shops also know about hats, so, find one, ask questions, and get hatted.

Men’s outfitter shops or a Haberdasher’s shop are called a Haberdashery. The items sold therein are small articles for sewing, such as buttons, ribbons, zippers, and other notions. In American English, haberdasher is one who tailors to the gentleman; these are not just clothing stores but are businesses that create entire wardrobes. You can find many stores in your areas, under many different titles, but your local tailor, if not an expert in their own right, can point you in the direction you desire.

Don’t get worried with all the elements of your wardrobe; I know that everyone cares about how people view them. I strongly feel that people get confused with all the jargon, and miss the basic ideas of fashion. I have taken many years and spent “allot of money”, sometimes on things I regretted the moment I looked in the mirror, but that was a long time ago, now, I have me look and you can have yours. If you want to look good, just look good, you have everything you need, piece it together.

Joseph Timmons

Groove Studio One Magazine

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