From half way across the globe in some other country which speaks a language you may not understand, a little old lady is sewing a suit just for you. Someone you never met is designing and deciding what you should wear. Thank goodness.

From my perspective I have enough to worry about, so show me whats out there, and I will find it in my price range, size range and be done with it. I usually purchase an entire outfit at once. Being fashion conscious and a bit lazy I prefer to know all parts can go together and dress quickly.

lets take a peek at what to shoot for this spring.
Photo above

John Varvatos did not stray from his formula for success: rock and roll, with a healthy dash of sophistication. He treated the fabric for the season — linen — by making it worn and dusty, with gray Glen Plaid being the signature. ( I think he is a Mick Jagger fan ).

Dunhill made a very strong show in Paris Men’s Fashion week. Light wools and colors, easy to wear patterns and less structured easy to wear. From parties to weddings to work related events, these suits will be comfy and impressive.

Here is a little eye candy from Milan thanks to FT. If luxury brands are out of reach, go for color and shapes instead of price tags, fashion is about looking well suited.


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