Shoes, shoes shoes, oh my, just saying it gets me excited. So what is our fascination, Love, relationship with shoes? Why are people willing to spend upwards of $1000 for a single pair that cost about $10 to make?

I believe in fairy tales. I think fairy tales started the whole thing. Cinderellas’ shoe would find her Prince ( I wonder what Kate Middleton is wearing?) And the Ruby red slippers could bring Dorothy home. ( but couldn’t save the dead Witch, that part never made sense to me.)
Romance with shoes is part believing in fairy tales and part joining into fashion. I mean really, no one would choose to wear a 5 inch platform with a 1.5 toe bed. Its thinking taller is better, fancy is prettier and hot legs attract Princes.( That part might be true)

I am very guilty of drooling and shoe gawking. Shoes can be art, and do make statements. Wearing sneakers to an award show? You must be a Rocker or a Rapper. Wearing 4 inch heels to a dinner party? You must be under 5’3 or trolling for a naughty good time.

There is a great dichotomy in the world of shoe fashion; to spend or not to spend, to be moral, green, ethical of just be indulgent. As i have said before, materials matter. luxurious leathers, good contstruction and even a bit of foot science is worth a good price. But most shoes are made by machines in factories over in Asia using the cheapest possible methods and materials. Steve Madden brands conjure up thoughts of sexy, classic and wearable ( mostly). Jimmy Choo, produces his shoes in his hometown country Malaysia, think his countrymen can wear them? All huge branded names produce cheap shoes with their logos as a way of making mad money around what they were really famous for; Coach makes tennies ( sneakers) and still makes a damn good leather bag. But one is priced a skew to the production cost to offset the loss of the other.

My feet long to be enrobed in sexy sky high boots up to my thighs like when I was 20, but age and lots of pavement pounding has taken its toll. For now, I am a wedge girl. Safe, sophisticated and gives my old waitress ankles a little shape. Would I pay big money for a fancy wedge? Nah, Im sure y’all have samples for me in size 9 šŸ˜‰


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