Starting November 30th, 2010 to December 13th, 2010 we will be having our Holliday Designer Contest, All new followers will be entered to receive a prize (to be announced later) for each entry, follow us at or and enter as often as you like, more information to be posted as we get near to the start date.


Must be 18 or older and have valid proof of identification. Must follow our sites as a registered follower and enter at least once per week to be eligible.

Post an Original Fashion design, which may include pictures or videos, must be Original and you must be an independent new designer or novice, no professional designers please. Fashion design may be part of or complete outfit, accessory or interior design piece.

Post your design on our blogger or tumblr site – or with information about said design. Submissions may be uploaded at and must follow our submission guidelines, pictures and videos may be submitted to with the words “Holliday Contest Submission” in the subject line.

Entry to contest will begin November 30th, 2010 and run to December 13th, 2010, early submission will not be declined, but may not be posted until date starts. Entries are voted on and most votes wins contest. Prize will be posted on date contest begins.

Check back for more details.


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