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Family time, the moments that pass through the day and are all too often forgotten, or trapped within photographs that keep a brief moment in time the same way forever, yet is never remembered for what it is. I have a wife and 5 children, whom I try to spend as much time with as possible. The children grow and grow and change, they become people different than what we know or expect. My wife, who tries to understand me, often looks at me with disbelief or even mild contempt when I offer resolutions to situations contrary from her own, yet I love here more and more each day, to which she sometime flinches when I tell her so.

My wife has admitted to me that her life is not what she wanted, and that she sometimes regrets not being more true to her original plans. The boys grow older and do the things that drive us both nuts, all too often than not. Our daughters are still very young, and very innocent, and very much like their mother; they adore puppies and kittens and listen to everyone, except us, unless they want something, which is often. I dearly enjoy being a husband and father, and I regret nothing, but I feel that I am at times the target of regret, though I am not at fault. Do not think that I am moaning about not “being respected” or that “I don’t feel loved”, I do, I am much loved, and I know this, I dearly praise every moment I have with them.

My siblings, whom often put me at odds with each other, whom often try to let me know, that even at 45, they know “what’s best” and push and pry into my life, but even with that, I smile and let the winds blow, until it is calm again. I have friends, some I see everyday day, and some that are friends in name only, but never in action. So everyone has these aspect in their life, I am no different than anyone else who wakes up every day and goes to sleep every night, but why am I writing this, read on.

I am the last of the optimists, I wake up every morning thinking it is going to be a brand new day with brand new adventures; Peter Pan has nothing on me. I read the same books I did when I was young, and yes, I do think I still believe in Santa Clause, and the tooth fairy, which I have personal and factual knowledge, has a back door to my wallet every time my kids loose a tooth. I feel that every day, we have a new chance to be something or someone special, I believe everyone deserves a chance, 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

The other day, I went out with my wife and daughters, I took my camera, and the photos I was able to take at just the right moments show me that I have been blessed with everything I ever wanted. So whether my wife is happy, or my children content or all hell has come up from below, I know why I am happy, and always will be. Family Time is all the time, and always will be. Most people feel that if they die tomorrow, they would leave great works undone, me, my great works are already here.

Think about all you have, and be content, because some have less than you, and you have more than you know.











Life has a way of being just a little more perfect everyday, if you take the time to notice.

Joseph Timmons

Artist, Author, Husband, Father, Grateful Human Being


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