The cold weather makes us want to wrap up and hide. The most annoying is consequence of bundle up clothing is hair. Long hair suffers with Hat head; A warm hat can kill all the work you put into a spectacular mane. Short hair looks wet from sweat or flat from the hat, only to dry frizzy and unkempt. Here are a few quick tips. First off, do not avoid wearing a hat; being sick or uncomfortable is never fashionable.

70% of our body heat comes out of your head, so keep it in! Choose a style that suits your needs. A Brimmed hat is a sophisticated style that adapts well to Fur coats or down jackets. Use a Pashmina or wide scarf loosely over the head to cover my ears and wrap the fabric around shoulders to keep chills off throat and upper chest areas. Place the hat a-top the head to finish the look. Absolutely works miracles.

To keep things moist and soft, frizz free hair requires hardware, During a regular hair treatment, like blow dry at home, Lotus shield from Avon adds moisture, holds style. Or use products containing Agan oil, from the Agan tree of north Africa. Just a few drops rubbed between your hands and massaged into your hair, root to tips, infuses a soft feel, gentle scent and extra life to your hair regardless of hair type. once you have dried hair, added serum, flip hair upside down to spray roots with a holding spray. After you remove your head wraps like hats or scarves flip head upside down again to revive hair. So go out into the cold, enjoy the snow and twinkle of the lights of the holidays. Your hair will thank you for the extra love. Contact me for more product information.


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