You can eat and be Merry, have a blast of a good time for New Years but make sure you are willing to pay the price for all those calories you picked up along with all your gifts. Fashion is about grooming the outside and taking care of your inside.
Here is a very good workout you can do from home.

After a night of eating indulgence one might experience a Carbohydrate Hangover; Pasta Blahs, potato rocks in stomach. The carbohydrates of wheat products like rolls and pastas raise sugar levels in your blood levels very quickly. Potatoes are a low fat alternative but can feel very “heavy” especially when eaten with meats. To avoid this eat pastas with salads or small portions of meat. The protein will balance out the high levels of sugars. If potatoes are on the table, temper the heavy effect with eating them with as little dress as you can stand, tiny pat of butter or just a sprinkle of onion or creme. Supplement you meals with veggies and salads.

Instead of the usual over eating of breads, cakes and yummy cookies, try a fruit tart or slice of fruit pie. No matter what you eat, drink lots of water!

Wine, Ales, beers,( containing grains, hops and yeast are carbohydrates) and liquor spirits are very high in calorie. Try to lighten the load a bit by mixing in sparkling water and lots of ice. Be mindful of calories via beverages and remember, alcohol may bring about more consequence than just a hungover tummy the next day.

Cheers to you and yours for a great holiday season!

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