The owners of Arch Rock Fish at 608 Anacapa want to earn their Foursquare “Swarm” badge through Facebook.

So, on New Year’s Day and again on Sunday, Jan. 9, the seafood serving, self-described “neighborhood joint” will be hosting a party to end all parties to harness online social networks.

Specifically, the two parties are an attempt to get 100 people into the restaurant and then have them check it with the Foursquare mobile phone app.

Their collective location will then be known to everybody on the internet.

If you’re a business and you convince 100 people to visit your venue and “foursquare” it on their Facebook status page, the apps makers award you something called a ‘Swarm” badge.

It is this accolade the men behind Arch Rock fish now covet.

Jeremiah Higgins, “Hell’s Kitchen’s” Scott Leibfried, and former U.S. National Team and Los Angeles Galaxy soccer player Cobi Jones, would like to see it be a success and are even offering $5 coupons to those who come partake.


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