Taken from Facebook Page of Jillian Ann


Biography by Jillian Ann

I was told I needed to write a biography for my site and others and so I did. It had loads of names, places and dates and it did not mean much of anything. It turns out I have done a lot of things.

Some things that are considered bad and some that are considered good, but none really define me. The bad things did not make me bad or make me some unfortunate victim and the good things did not make me good or particularly better than anyone else.

All of the things I have done have added colors to my palette. The colors I have acquired need no explanation or justification from me nor would I accept them from anyone else. It would be an insult to those who also possess the same colors or had been through similar things along their way. I know the colors can be shared and we all collect our own palette even as we are transformed by their acquisition. This is how I learned to communicate.

At times the colors give me an understanding of some things I did not understand before and allow me to paint things artistically I did not know needed to be painted before, while at other times I understand that more questions need to be asked and so they are clues to something as of yet unknown. Each experience only prepared me for the next door that opened to inspire the next creation leading me into a never-ending path of expanding through bliss and agony triumph and defeat love and loss.

I realize that I spend my time in a constant process of transformation. As a model I am something new each time I work with someone, as an actress the words and situations a writer gives me add to what I can say and do, while musically the colors I acquired along the way, appear in the form of melodies and words which hopefully tell a story that is more biographical than anything I can here.

So I am transforming,

I have been in relationships, I have known people, I have made choices to stay or to walk away. I have licensed songs for films, appeared in countless photos, made lots of music, done a lot of shows and played for tens of thousands of people. Some people like me, others do not. I am grateful to all those I have met along the way. Some of you have given me the colors I seem to need, while others have taught me to use them.

I have just moved to Los Angeles and with the help of my friends am in the process of changing again.

What is past is past, and since a biography is largely about the past, it has no interest for me other than to be grateful for the colors that my journey has given me. What is of interest to me is what is yet to come and I hope you will be as well.

To contact Jillian Ann’s Booking Agency,

TR Management
Jean Renard
213-255-5007  starmanager@gmail.com

Audra Clemons
Booking Agent
Talent Guru Agency
831.252.6101  audraclemons@gmail.com

Website: JillianAnn.com
Fan Mail to : Jillian@JillianAnn.com

On Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/#!/JillianAnn33


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