Interview with Syuji Honda of Gourmet NYC

By, Joseph Timmons

Journalist and Food Reviews


Rouge Tomate , NY

I have had the pleasure to interview Syuji Honda of Gourmet NYC, a very informative and pleasing YouTube video channel that promotes the Fine Dining of New York. We all know what gracious and amazingly satisfying restaurants are available to choose from in NY, by Gourmet NYC -, really brings the flavors of NY to us in the comfort of our homes and offices and lets us know the people in the kitchen and behind the scenes.

GS1 – Syuji, I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with me today and doing this Interview for Groove Studio One Magazine.

Gourmet NYC – “Thank you for having me, always a pleasure to get the word out”

GS1 –So, let’s start with the hardest question, why did you start your video channel what was your goal?

Gourmet NYC – “My goal on Gourmet NYC TV is to cover most of Michelin starred or NY Times & Zagat highly rated high-end restaurants in NYC. I started this because; I myself love great delicious food. I don’t eat out at those high end top restaurants as often as I want to, but I certainly am very interested in how their cuisine are different from each other, and restaurants’ atmosphere and decor too. I saw some clips of famous restaurants in NYC on YouTube, but most of them didn’t do justice to the quality of food and decor those high end restaurants offers. I wanted to make something that can make viewers want to eat their food and to visit the restaurants when they come to NYC.”

GS1 –Was this a difficult task to undertake?

Gourmet NYC – “Amazingly, Not really, I started in December, winter has always been a slow season for my main business, so I had a lot of time to start it and there is a wealth of places to see and visit.”

GS1 –What was the response from the restaurant community, welcoming and supportive or resistant to work with?

Gourmet NYC – “I sent filming requests to almost all Michelin starred restaurants in NYC, but didn’t get a lot of response at first. I didn’t have any sample clip to show them. So, I think they were skeptical. I don’t blame them at all. Also, restaurants were very busy in December. They just didn’t have time for this unknown project from nowhere. Luckily, SEASONAL restaurant responded quickly and made my first clip on them.”

GS1 –I see on your site ( that all of your videos are produced by Pure Soul Productions, how did you decide to use them to put your pieces together?

Gourmet NYC – “Well, I have a secret; Pure Soul Productions is my other company. It’s basically just me, myself and I. I do film and edit by myself, it’s a one man band.”

GS1 – Your most recent video “GILT – Michelin 2 star restaurant in NYC”, is fantastic, it was like being in the restaurant and experiencing the exquisite charm and style that is NY, how did you manage to make this possible and what’s it like to be able to do this all the time?

Gourmet NYC – “Actually, GILT is my second video; Rouge Tomate is the most recent one. I want to make Gourmet NYC TV a high end brand itself. So, my goal is to bring high production value video that captures the essence of those high end restaurants. Using a jib crane and lighting the food properly to make this happen, I think the important thing is to not fabricate an image, but to accentuate the reality and let the restaurants style shine through.”

GS1 – What is your next video plan, any restaurants we already know or someplace new and exciting?

Gourmet NYC – “Now, more restaurants are interested in participating because they see exactly how the videos will look like. I’ll film 3 restaurants this week and negotiating with 2 others.”

GS1 –Is there anything you would like your readers to know? And other than the YouTube channel, do you have a website they can go to experience more of Gourmet NYC?

Gourmet NYC – “I hope Gourmet NYC TV channel will make everybody hungry and want to take a bite of those delicious looking foods. If I make them feel like that, that’s a success for me. I may be developing a website in the future as well. So, stay tuned!”

GS1 –Thank you so much Syuji for speaking with us today, I am sure our readers will love what you are doing and visit your site to learn more about the fabulous restaurants you have interviewed and are working so hard to let us know about. We wish you best of luck in your future endeavors; please let us know what’s coming up.

Gourmet NYC – “Thank you! And please visit our site, leave a comment and visit the Restaurants we filmed, I am sure you’ll love the offerings.”

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