Three Sons

Disking the rock strewn    Objected earth near Bet Shean, 
Underneath the Middle Eastern sky    Rows of mean earth riven by the blades,    We cut away our anger, hate, and pride, 
Stopping to drink, not from the liquor of    Fanatic corruption but from the    Precious water welling up, 
Our oasis of  Jacob'd sharing,   In this Hanukah season    Of Christ's mass after  
We three sons of Abraham,    Muslim, Jew, and Christian,   Fight the true battle  
Not each other but   
To be found worthy
 In compassion 
And purity—  
The true   
To God  

By Daniel Wilcox
Previously published by

In the midst of all of the lethal violence and intolerance in the world spewing out from politics and religions,
choose the opposite path--the upward one. Today, be  a blessing to all peoples including your enemies. 

Read more of Daniel's poetry in the book Dark Energy, published by Diminuendo Press. 
Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, local book stores or the publisher, Diminuendo Press


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