Haute Couture is very much like the car show of next years cars. Strange shapes, innovative designs yet very little for practical use. As Art doesn’t require nor does it follow any rules, Couture serves as eye candy and a baseline for true innovation- to re-construct art into s omething else. Here are some of the most outrageous ensembles that will serve as inspiration for what will be diluted for the masses to wear.
Francois Guillot, AFP / Getty Images (2) | Pierre Verdy, AFP / Getty Images

Frank Sorbier’s suede fringe dress with a full skirt is a Sacagawea-on-steroids look that would take a brave woman to pull off.

And while one could argue that Jean Paul Gaultier is without doubt a maestro of fabric manipulation, his punk princess channeled more of an arts-and-crafts doll than a rock ‘n’ roll revolutionary.

Stephane Rolland accentuated curves with his midnight frocks, but instead of sleek and refined, he exaggerated hips and shoulders, which would make it difficult to shimmy with ease into any A-list event.
Karl Prouse, Catwalking / Getty Images | Francois Guillot, AFP / Getty Images | Nathalie Lagneau, Catwalking / Getty Images

The giant bird’s nest attached to On Aura Tout Vu’s lace frock is merely an accoutrement, but this playful piece of theatrics distracts from the dress itself.

A woman who fancies herself a superhero would benefit from this silk jumpsuit with attached parachute cape by Stephane Rolland. We think it is a nice casual look. Maybe for dinner at Olive Garden or somewhere low-key. (JK!)

Loud suits were the name of the game in Paris, and this slim-fitting Jean Paul Gaultier number will certainly turn heads. We love the bold colors. Could you imagine wearing this to a job interview?
Nathalie Lagneau, Catwalking / Getty Images | Richard Bord, Getty Images | ImaxTree

Speaking of loud suiting, Frank Sorbier continued his quest to show “individuals from far-flung places” with a graffiti-inspired outfit reminiscent of Basquiat. Could he have been channeling the streets of New York?

Let’s not forget that the couture shows are an art form, and how they are presented (especially in Paris during the haute couture season) is akin to a series of installations. Designer Yumi Katsura certainly showed her flair for the dramatic in this bridal-inspired dress with attached lace gazebo. Don’t be surprised if you see Lady Gaga sporting the look sometime soon.

And finally, we return to On Aura Tout Vu, creator of the bird’s nest above and now an enormous crystallized collar. What is important to take away here (besides the amazing choker) is the level of craftsmanship that goes into creating an elaborate beaded bodysuit and leggings with feather tutu. It’s what Olympic ice skaters wish they could wear! (Eat your heart out Johnny Weir!) Though once again, if the props are distracting, then all the intricate details get lost.


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