Melissa “MBenz” Pritchard Interview

By Ralph Naifeh, May 26, 2011

Ralph: I am just learning about the genre of Urban Models and I am fascinated by the amazing women that are pursuing this career goal. You certainly have the provocative charms that would generate interest in your appearance as a product model. How did you initially decide to get into glamour or urban modeling? What was the catalyst to you making this decision?

Melissa: “There was a local team out here it was called dream team of musical artists. It started with basic promotions when I was out with people modeling for the artists, other people would see me and they would ask me to model for them, so that is how I got my start. I kept getting approached so the light bulb went off over my head, and I thought to myself that I should probably give it a try. Now, I deal with car shows, conventions, especially the major clothing conventions called Magic, here in Las Vegas that comes here twice a year.”

R: What exactly is “Magic”?

M: “Magic means, Men’s Apparel Garment Industry of California, it is a clothing convention for vendors to showcase their new clothing lines for the upcoming season.”

R: What company brands or musicians would you like to model for?

M: “I would love to model for Rocawear a clothing line by JayZ. I would love to model forSean John, a clothing line by Diddy. I would like to model for Mercedes Benz cars, since I drive a red Mercedes.” I would also like to model for “Source” and “King Magazine”.

R: What are some of the differences you’ve found between Las Vegas and Los Angeles in terms of reception you receive, as a curvy model, the opportunities available, public perception?

M: “They are more open in California and the people are more care-free there, it seems. People in California seem laid back. One thing that drives me nuts (Melissa is laughing)they get their clothes months before we get clothes in Las Vegas. The clothes I modeled in California were outrageous, colorful, and provocative, maybe too much for here, but some may love it, you get a mixed reaction.”

R: What’s your most attractive feature?

M: “I would say my face.”

R: What is your ultimate goal as a Glamour/Urban model, for example, where do you see Melissa a year from now?

M: “I see Melissa in umm, in different magazines, car magazines, clothing magazines, maybe some inspirational magazines.

R: Has your upbringing influenced you in any way?

M: “Yes, umm, I would say that because my parents were born and raised in the Seychelles Islands, off the East Coast of Africa near Madagascar, and they taught me their morals coming up with less in life, I learned quite a lot. I got to visit there and I saw their way of life and it showed me the difference between our way of life and their way of life, and it showed me what I am blessed with.”

R: What U.S. or International publications would you like to appear in?

M: “I like Maxim, and a music magazine called XXL, and Vibe, and Hot Import Nights.”

R: Which science fiction film do you like or would you say thought you would like to have been in?

M: “I like Men in Black” Because I love Will Smith and I would just love to be in a film with him.

R: Is there a single event, film, art piece, musician, or model from which you draw the most inspiration from?

M: “Yes! Joanna Shari, because she’s not your typical blond haired blue-eyed model, she is soooo voluptuous and her pictures are like art work.”

R: What did you study in college (School)?

M: “Medical Billing and coding and basic business.”

R: Wow, so was acting and/or modeling always on your radar?

M: “Yes it was – doing both basically.”

R: How would you describe your perfect mate (man or woman)?

M: “It will be of course, a man; he would have to be spiritual of course, and spontaneous, educated, business oriented, honest and above all (My Mother Has to Approve of him!!!!!).”

R: So, if you had to choose a between a rich and ugly man, or a poor and attractive man, which would you choose?

M: “I would say poor and attractive, because all the riches in the world couldn’t bring me happiness.”

R: Can you draw on past relationships to become inspired to play an emotional role?

M: “Oh God yes! It is too long to go into in detail. I have enough for a full-length movie.”

R: Would you ever risk playing an emotionally complex character?

M: “Sure! I would love to play diverse roles that would challenge me, a crazy woman, an innocent type character, the lover. I don’t what to become a single type of character.”

R: Mellissa what would you say is the worst pick up line you’ve heard?

M: “I got two for you. One is, Can I just be your friend, and, What yo name is … (She’s laughing), I even tried to help him pronounce the words, and he got mad.”

How should a guy approach you in the club?

M: “OK, they could start with, Hello my name is, and uh, May I ask you your name, or,How are you today?

Do you have a question or is there something in particular I didn’t cover that you would like to say, plug or put out there.

M: “OK, Magic Convention (Men’s Apparel Garment Industry of California) is coming up in Las Vegas the week of February 14th through the 18th 2011. I will be modeling for Akon Clothing, come and see me and say hello!”

Interview Provided by correspondent with BlinkShowTV, Las Vegas – California and Abroad, questions regarding this interview should be addressed with BlinkShowTV

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