How were Russian, Turkey, Poland, and France involved with the American Revolution of the late 18th century? What famous naval officer of the Revolution moved to Russia and assembled a huge flotilla of war ships on the Black Sea to attack the Muslims? Why?

Ready for an intellectual mystery, which reads like a fairly strong suspense thriller? Then get your hands (or your ears;-) a hold of the large volume (or audiobook) called The Great Upheaval by Jay Wink. No dry, long-winded, and boring textbook within these covers.
It also humbled me, because as an American literature (and history) teacher for 26 years who has read many tomes about that period and its key leaders, I must admit I didn’t think I really had much to learn. Oh, how so wrong…
From the Introduction of the book: “It is an era that redefined history…The Great Upheaval vividly depicts an arc of revolutionary fervor stretching from Philadelphia and Paris to St. Petersburg and Cairo…”
This huge tome of historical revelation is such a winner that I plan to buy my own copy. It’s the cats-meow, a real oscar, (only my award cat’s name is Fizzy, not oscar).
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Daniel Wilcox

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