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188725_10150108539852481_97516057480_6857060_1542938_nRegular unleaded gas is 4.90 a gallon, and climbing. the economy is spiraling downward and, even though the government swears otherwise, the unemployment level is climbing. the average American spends most of the day worrying about where the next car payment will come from and if their house will still be theirs in a month.

These are not happy thoughts, and everyone could come up with more things to inflame and enrage themselves. I would like to propose thinking positively about these issues. we have seen in the news how other countries are having protests and revolutions when they are sick and tired of how their perspective governments are ruining their lives with overly strict laws and the lack of respect for basic human rights. I am not advocating protests in the streets or revolution, but referring to the fact that we do have the ability to make change in how our government runs this country and how they need to listen to the people.

I could express on the already well known rules and laws of this country, but that would digress from the point of this commentary, it is through diligence on our part, watching and objecting when needed to make it possible for “we the people” to be happy in our own land. many have worked, struggled, fought and even died for the right to be either happy or unhappy with the way things are in the USA, and we should never forget this, nor should we seek to have any more pain and suffering. it is a confusing issue, do we let the powers that be continue to run things without our watching, or do we bounce the prats from office and hope the next bunch would and could do better.

So, with the hopes of positive change I propose we let the government know that we want change, boycott gas stations that gouge the pumps, vote against politicians who seek to fatten their pockets and leave our tables bare. write and call public officials so much that they either have to listen or change their phone numbers, become a non-violent, law abiding pain in the but, make them aware that you are watching them, they watch us, so why not turn the tables. Use the rights and privileges we know we have to make them change. Call the talk shows and make your point known, don’t just demand change, but demand change with an example of what the change should be, so often we say “ this should be different” but we do not often give a “and this is what should be done”. If you want the right to be married, don’t just complain about it, tell them why. Don’t just complain about environmental issues, do something at the local level and grow to global considerations. I often see people complain about the pollution issues, but still drive SUV’s  just to go to the store 3 blocks away, or buy at large “big box stores” when small markets have better prices, but not the prestigious packaging.

Get on your bike and ride to the local mom/pop market, buy the weeks groceries and make your dollar stretch, have more parties at home and watch less TV, having an active social life in the comfort of your home is much more fun than a night at the bar, and costs much less.

So, Revolt without being revolting and do your part to piss off the government, be part of something grander than grandstanding for something less rewarding. If you do decide to have a party, invite me, I love a good party.

Joseph Timmons

Artist, Author and all around “weird old man”…

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