scott at airr

AIRR Supper Club, the newest restaurant to open in Downtown San Diego, with Consulting Chef Scott Leibfried, stands to be the premier high-class restaurant and nightlife spot boasting great food, innovative craft cocktails and a chic atmosphere.

With a lavish interior and provocative social dining experience, long white leather benches provide most of the seating, encouraging diners to interact with each other.

airr white

The Interior, gracious and stunning was designed by Amy Noel, the restaurant / night club’s space is separated into 2 specific colors.

Stark white: the tables, chandeliers, plates, walls and floor, with moments of red coming in from a second room of the same crimson shade.

The second section, all in Red gives the room and the on goings a sense of mystery and just a bit of the “Sexy” feeling one wants to find in life, giving the patron a chance to make a moment all their own .

I feel this pairs both the concept of romantic dining opportunity for couples looking for a hot night out on the town as well as to getting together with good friends to experience to top of luxurious living.

Servers and Staff add to the mystic by wearing outfits that allow them to stand out in the dining room and blend in while in the nightclub. Although the design of the restaurant is so bright and white, it is not harsh or antiseptic, but very comfortable, lively and pure.

AIRR’s decor is clean, modern and simple, as if the intent was to make sure the food was the only focus for diners.


The Red Side is sophisticated in its conception and is perfectly done, not tacky or garish; it is in itself, truly elegant.

With its Menu, created by Chef Scott Liebfried, AIRR is guaranteed to delight any and every visitor and be a refreshing change from what other restaurants may be offering to the public.

I strongly suggest you plan to head there soon, I have a suspicion that this place will get packed every weekend and it may be difficult to get a reservation for dinner.

AIRR Supper Club is open Wednesday-Sunday 5PM-2AM, with the kitchen tentatively serving food until about 11:30PM. 619-546-8306.

Find them on Facebook:!/airrsd

View their Website:


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