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nealRecently I had the chance to find an Art Supply Store in San Luis Obispo which is more than what it looks like.
San Luis Art Supply is owned and operated by Neal Breton, a great guy and a great artist, working with local artists to promote art shows, displays and events, Neal looks to creating an Artist atmosphere that has not been seen in the area since the 60’s. When I have gone into the store it is always a meeting place for some of the local artisans, both well known and new to the craft, Neal serves the art community not only with affordable wares but a place to meet and exchange ideas, forming an arena of free thought and expression. 
Originally from the East Coast, Neal spent time in Los Angeles and was very connected to the trade and did a lot of work in Hollywood, but moved to the Central Coast to explore new thoughts and provide his vision to our community. San Luis Art Supply has sponsored many community events and looks to do more in the near future.
Visit Neal at
San Luis Art Supply, 1116 Morro St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401– Phone: 805-787-0348 
Neal’s artwork is on display at The Claassen Gallery, 785 Mash Street, San Luis Obispo, California 93401 – 805-541-3932


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