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Premier Episode of “All on the Line” – The New Sundance Channel Television Reality Show, Featuring Joe Zee of Elle Magazine is a Fantastic Fashion Hit.


The Sundance Channel and Joe Zee have created “All on the Line” a show that will be the newest, freshest and best reality television program on right now. Joe Zee enters into the lives of struggling and frustrated designers and breathes new life into their visions and works to make their dreams of success possible. The Sundance Channel and Joe Zee have given us an opportunity to see the fashion industry from the inside out in a fresh and bold new way, from the point of view of a designer who is so close to perfection that one small “stitch” may move them to the top of the game or into the bargain basement.


To make this memorable event even more special, “All on the Line” episode on featuring Joe Zee working with RADENRORO, a New York Fashion Husband and Wife team find their revival in personal confidence, clean lines and new ideas. RADENRORO was on a financial rollercoaster and vision tail spin when Joe Zee came in and showed them that they had what it takes, they just had to speak to their fashion, their business and their brand.

See “All on the Line” and be in the know…. now!

RADENRORO Fashions web site and Facebook pages have up to date information on their designs and where to find and see their vision of fashion come to life.

Download from iTunes

ABOUT THE SERIES (from the Sundance Channel)

Joe Zee – fashion powerhouse, celebrity stylist, and Creative Director of ELLE – helps struggling designers save their lines from ruin. Each designer was once heating up the runways but has since lost their way. Now, they have a second chance. Welcome to Joe Zee’s fashion boot camp. With his market savvy, positive spirit, and a little tough love, Joe attempts to transform these talented but failing businesses into rack ready lines. It’s ALL ON THE LINE for these designers as they rework everything to show a buyer who can make – or break – their dreams

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