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Leonardo e Roberto’s Gourmet Blends

Balsamic Vinegars and Dipping Oil Blends


randombottlesI recently had the opportunity to try Leonardo e Roberto’s Gourmet Blends Dipping Oils and balsamic Vinegars while attending a Wine Tasting Festival in Paso Robles, California and met with their representative, Stephanie Leitz, and after a few moments, I have to say that I find this product to be everything it claims to be. I asked Stephanie about their product and where it can be found, she advised me to check their website, or order direct from her. The Wine Festival was so busy, I did not get a chance to speak with her again that evening, but I checked out the web site and learned about the Balsamic Process and their product.

RaspBalsprop_GB031711-fin_00542According to the information on the web site – , “Leonardo e Roberto’s Gourmet Blends Traditional Balsamic vinegar is created from the juice of white grapes (typically, trebbiano grapes) boiled down to approximately 30% of the original volume to create a concentrate, or must. This goes through a long aging and fermentation process which creates the distinct flavor of balsamic. The flavor intensifies and deepens over time, with the vinegar aging in a variety of progressively smaller fine wooden casks. During this period, a portion evaporates; it is said that this is the “Angels’ share”. The result is deliciously sweet, viscous and very concentrated.” Imported with only the finest ingredients from Italy, Leonardo e Roberto’s Gourmet Blends follows age old recipes that are closely guarded and world renown.

VanFig,Oil,chsplt_BG-032411-fin-_00031Today, like wines, many people are finding the luxurious taste of fine oil blends and vinegars something to be cultivated and like wines, there are some that have become experts in the minute taste variations and the subtle nuances that make each one different. Leonardo e Roberto’s Gourmet Blends has created a taste sensation that top many of the “Cultured Varieties” that you find in the supermarkets. Stephanie mentioned to me that there have been many responses in regards to Traditional use on cheeses, salads, roasted vegetables, but that some have used the various flavored blends like Raspberry or Pomegranate on spinach salads, cheeses, on a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream, or over chocolate ice cream, Roasted asparagus, Chicken or, lamb.

GourmetDipOil_BG-032411-shrimp-finbot_00006The companies Gourmet Dipping Oil and be used on eggplant or zucchini, pasta with chicken, marinate a hamburger or use instead of mayonnaise, dipping bread, salads. Asian Dipping Oil is fabulous drizzle over Seared Ahi Tuna or on Salmon, Asian Chicken Salad Dressing, Asian Stir Fry, dipping pot stickers. The variety of uses is amazing and all are easy to use and taste great. The prices are just as great, one would think that a product like this would be very expensive, but the prices are only $30/bottle 12.7 oz., $18/bottle 6 oz., and they also offer 4 pack and 6 pack pricing on the website for all sizes. Save money when you order from their special gift packs found online. You get to mix and match the styles and varieties, making your own special selections.

Stephanie travels the United States brining this product to Festivals and Events, sharing this easy and fun to use product to everyone, you can find an event near you by visiting the Website Events Page and meet with her to order your supply, and she caters to Consumer and Restaurant Clients and would love to serve you as well. You can reach Stephanie Leitz at – Be a Gourmet, 480/993-6487 I suggest you ask about The Sampler Pack – 6 Pack Mix and Match.

Now go Get Your Groove On, and Live Well.

Joseph Timmons

Groove Studio One Food & Wine Critic


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