In Hollywood at Home, HGTV takes viewers behind-the-scenes into the private sanctuaries of some of their favorite celebrities. As the tour guides themselves, the stars discuss how their personalities and experiences have been their true interior decorators, including what they look for in personalizing their space, their design aesthetic, and their emotional connection to their home.
This beautifully-shot one-hour special – premiering on HGTV on Saturday, April 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT – features the homes of 6 celebrities, including:
  TV host and journalist Lisa Ling, as she builds a modern eco-friendly home from the ground up in Santa Monica, CA (this includes a personal story on how the home is very meaningful to her and her husband, Paul Song);   actor John Leguizamo’s four-story brownstone in Greenwich Village, NYC;   the early ’60s-influenced home of Lara Spencer from “The Insider” in Beverly Hills;   country star Trace Adkins’ secluded hideaway outside Nashville;   Olympic Gold medal-winning skater Evan Lysacek’s bachelor pad in Las Vegas, which has striking skull artwork pieces throughout, and   musician Paul Shaffer’s private office outside NYC, which includes a large personal collection devoted to his favorite musical hero, James Brown, including stage outfits and memorabilia such as checks, notes and a bust, all autographed by the Godfather of Soul himself.
HGTV, known for it’s excellence in bringing design to the modern phase, will surly have a great episode to inform and enrich your ideas in creating that great design for your own home.

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