Grab your Wings and Take an action packed “fast flight” into action.

When I was a young, I tuned into see Charlie’s Angels and watched three beautiful women fight crime and looking fantastic doing it. I never missed a show and like all young men, I could not decide which Angel I wanted to marry, they were as intelligent as they were beautiful, and the magic of Hollywood made them a household name. It has been many years since there has been a program that showed the value of teamwork, loyalty and the power of charm, until now.

ABC is bringing back the Angels, CHARLIE’S ANGELS is coming back to television on ABC, Leonard Goldberg , from the original television shows and Drew Barrymore, who starred in the hit movie adaptation, have combined talents to create a fantastic version of Charlie’s Angels that incorporates the drama of the original story styling’s with a great modern spin. The story is based around three women on a road to redemption, in the original they were all professionals that went to work for Charlie, in this story timeline, they are women with a past, ex-cons and “near-do-wells” who until Charlie pulled them out of the dark, had no future, and now may be somebody’s only hope for salvation and justice. Their second chance at an honest life may be the only chance the people they help have.

Charlie’s Angels–ABC Television

The Cast is made up of Annie Ilonzeh as Kate Prince, a Miami cop who fell from grace, losing both her career and her fiancé, Minka Kelly as Eve, a street racer with a mysterious past and Rachel Taylor as Abby Sampson, a Park Avenue Princess who became a world-class thief. Ramon Rodriguez stars as Bosley, their technical expert and Robert Wagner as the Voice of Charlie. Sony Pictures Television is the Production Company with executive Producers Drew Barrymore, Miles Millar, Alfred Gough, Nancy Juvonen, Leonard Goldberg and Directed by Marcos Siega.

This big, loud, fun take on the 1970’s smash hit series introduces us to three new angels, all fearless operatives, head-turning beauties and close friends.

The story starts out with drama, one of the original three angels, Gloria, is killed during a mission, Charlie persuades them to partner with Gloria’s childhood friend, Eve and action ensues. They start out not knowing if it will work out, but they become fast friends, and an even more powerful force for good.

To find out more about what will be this coming season’s hottest new show on ABC, follow these links, and Charlie’s Angels is sure to entertain you, this isn’t the old show, but a bigger, better more dramatic interpretation with much more to offer than you would expect from a “new version” of an old show, in fact, this is a whole new show, a whole new life, for Charlie’s Angels.


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