Win the CD On The Move
by Global Grooves
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Global Grooves Releases Their Debut CD! 
Global Grooves just released their debut CD titled, On The Move. Though the whole CD has been dubbed by fans as “Fantastic,” Global Grooves has placed many of the fan favorites on this CD to include their public performances hits of “My One & Only,” “Tidal Waves” and “City Groove” just to mention a few. Other popular songs like “Sunday Drive,” “African Jazz Cafe” and “A Song For Rose” are also included on their debut CD. 
We have 4 copies of Global Grooves new album On The Move which is anticipated to be the hottest new jazz album of the Year, but WE HAVE IT FIRST, not yet available in stores, we will give away 1 copy per week starting Friday May 20th, 2011. 
To win this album, go to their blog:, and select “Follow”, then got to, and learn more about the group. Once you have read all the information you need to send an email to with “Global Grooves – Win it Now” in the subject line and find the answer to each weeks question, submit as often as you like, only 1 winner per week, and good luck to you. 
Question for Week 1 May 20th to May 27th
“The bassist, Joseph “Einstein” Lockwood, listed his inspirations in the Bands Bio on their blog, But only partial names, what are the full names of the artists that gave Joseph “Einstein” Lockwood his passion for music?” 
Question for Week 2 May 27th to June 3rd
“The Incomparable One (Al May), Lead Guitarist, played bass for a Reggae Band, who were they?”
Question for Week 3 June 3rd to June 10th
“Which member of Global Grooves can be heard singing A Love Like This; Walk With Me; and Looking for Love on three different CDs of ‘The G…’?” 
Question for Week 4 June 10th to 17th
Gerald Little, Drummer of Global Grooves released five solo Cd’s, Name them” 
These questions are hard, but if you register at Global Groove’s Blog :, you can ask them for the answers, so go now and try to win!



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