When we go out to eat fine cuisine or our relatives come to visit for an evening supper, my extended family members each have one glass of a good white wine. That is except for me; I am the odd person out. Instead, with my expensive meal, I savor a different drink of choice—Mountain Dew. Yes, in the midst of these connoisseurs, I’m a real mountain hillbilly. You see MD was originally created back in the 1940’s by two Tennessee beverage bottlers, Barney and Ally Hartman.

At the popular restaurant, BJ’s (in Huntington Beach, Denver Colorado, etc.), while I am salivating, waiting for their delicious blackened salmon, I invariably order the BJ’s specialty, Strawberry Lemonade MD. This concoction was introduced to me by a BJ’s waitress a couple of years ago. Now I guzzle it like water:-) I wish the Pepsi Cola Company or BJ’s bottled it.

My very favorite Mountain Dew, however, after the “real” stuff, good old regular MD) is Livewire. When my wife and I visited South Carolina last fall, I found my first bottle in over a year and slurped it greedily down. It has a great orange tangy zest and goes well with whatever good food we are eating. Right now I wouldn’t mind having Carolina Delight (lightly fried grit and crab cakes, topped with a creamy sauce), one of the specialties of Hymans Seafood of Charleston, along with a Live Wire.

Would you believe, we can’t get Live Wire in California? Who knows why? The Pepsi Cola Bottling Company doesn’t market this marvelous thirst quencher on the west coast. What a huge deprivation for us;-)! We’ve even tried having it shipped our way from out of state, but Pepsi Cola refuses. Plus, get this, the company quit creating MD Distortion last year, another great soda with a powerful end burst of lime. But who cares about us thirsty MD aficionados?

Have no fear though, I don’t suffer from lack of variety; there are other flavors to imbibe, swig, chug, gulp, swill, quaff, swallow, even slug, if I tire of regular MD—Pitch Black, Baja Blast, Code Red, Typhoon, Voltage, White Out…I don’t yet gargle with MD, but who knows;-)

MDaniel Wilcox


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