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Monday, May 30th is Memorial Day, a day when the citizens of this country take time to remember the fallen soldiers and the men and women how paid the “final Price” for our liberties and freedoms, we also take time to pay tribute the ones who survived and came home to make their way in the world.

I am a patriotic American, I believe in the founding fathers vision of a free society where we would all live in harmony and work together towards a perfect union of brotherhood. I believe that this is possible, but only through the work of everyone towards a common goal and a common good. I state this because I want to make it clear that I feel that this Memorial Day we need to expand our feelings about who deserves the praise and how we should show it.

In this country, there has been a common belief that “We’re Number One” or “Our Way is The Only Way”, but, don’t you think that everyone everywhere would feel this way about their country as well? I would propose that everyone would feel that their way of life, their social and political structure, their religious beliefs are just as important, just as pure, just as worth dying for.

Rather than putting up a flag and firing up the BBQ and sucking back a beer “for old glory”, lets open our thoughts and hearts to all of those who gave up their lives for all of us. Let us think of the Soldiers, Police, Fire Fighters, Volunteers and Journalists… EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE how gave their lives in the pursuit of Freedom, it should not matter what country, which war or what time period. I would also like to add that we remember the Civilians, Aid Workers, Men, Women and Children who died.

When I discussed this, I was asked by an associate “So, should we honor the Terrorists from 9-11?”, I would say that we should not honor the act of terror or honor terrorists, but in their minds and hearts, they believed themselves to be “Freedom Fighters”, if you find that you cannot, for one day expand your remembrance to forgive those who would hate us for only a day, them lend your hearts to their Mothers, Fathers, Children, the ones left behind to bear the burden and shame of their fallen family member’s actions, and remember their victims, who did not have a chance to fight back.

In the recent months, people around the world are rising up against oppressive regimes and trying to make their lives better, some we agree with, others we may not atone. There have been Natural Disasters like we have not seen in ages. People everywhere on the brink of destruction, not trusting anyone from anywhere, but if you just take a moment to forget which side of the pond we are on, and just think of the people, in themselves genetically the same all over the world, all of the “Fallen Heroes” deserve a salute.

Our nation was built on the Christian principles of Freedom and Forgiveness, I see on Auto Bumpers the stickers “WWJD” or “He Lived so we would be forgiven” well, what would Jesus do? The Lord and Savior would be the first to reach his hand out and share his love, why can’t we all?

This Memorial Day, Remember why we are a Free People, and Who Gave us that Freedom, God Bless America and Everyone Else.


One thought on “My Thoughts on Memorial Day: Editor Opinion

  1. Hi Joseph,Thanks for the thoughtful article on the remembrance of Memorial Day.As a historian, I don't think any American wars were fought for "liberties and freedoms" except partially one. Of late I am reading a bunch of tomes on the Civil War, and am again devastated by how both sides were guilty of so much cruelty and slaughter, how soldiers of both sides dug through the pockets of the enemy soldiers stealing their things:-(And recently I read an autobiographical account of how a group of our soldiers in Afghanistan stopped to take a vote about whether to slaughter a young shepherd boy with his goats (for fear he might report them to the village).However even though war is the worst sin where all the 10 Commandments are violated every day,I do, along with you,think it is important to honor those who serve their country…to honor all those who died young.Here's a very powerful memorial poem for one of the most deadly battles of the Civil War by Melville:A Requiem.(April, 1862.)Skimming lightly, wheeling still, The swallows fly lowOver the field in clouded days, The forest-field of Shiloh–Over the field where April rainSolaced the parched ones stretched in painThrough the pause of nightThat followed the Sunday fight Around the church of Shiloh–The church so lone, the log-built one,That echoed to many a parting groan And natural prayerOf dying foemen mingled there–Foemen at morn, but friends at eve– Fame or country least their care:(What like a bullet can undeceive!) But now they lie low,While over them the swallows skim, And all is hushed at Shiloh.May we all pray for peace on this day of sorrow.Daniel


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