You know that look your Dad and every male over 45 ,wears when you’re going to a relatives house; First, the collared polo shirt with the three buttons tucked in nice and neat with just enough out for his belly. A leather belt and if you are lucky, slacks. ( if not, your getting shorts that resemble cut off slacks). To finish off the look, tennies possibly but if its a birthday, its probably some type of soft dark slide. That is, if you’re Dad is an American born from the Mid West to the Northern East Coast. By no means is anything wrong with the look,( uh well, maybe if the polo has stripes making his belly look as if it will pop), it is interesting to observe and learn men and their fashion is determined by a few factors, where he is from, when and in some cases his sense of being attractive.

Look a bit into the family tree; Granddad is less prone to the polo for special occasions. Grandfather will wear a placket shirt with no tie but maybe a sweater or a jacket. So why does his son look so unattractive? What changed in fashion to bring about this semi unkempt look? THE GOOD NEWS IS, men of any age can achieve a more elegant, professional or attractive regardless of size or ethnicity.

Men from other countries dress more fashionably regardless of their age. Are men more fashionable from other cultures or is it a state of being conscious about their appearance and sexuality?

Male fashion is a direct reflection of what he is thinking; A man on the prowl dresses differently than a man who doesn’t think he has a chance. Like women, men learn fashion and attraction go together. And being in dress clothing is not always the most comfortable, but its looking good so you deal.

Somewhere among the left over synthetic man made materials for car seats in the polyester looms, was born the idea of the no iron shirt.
This lead to getting lazy about dressing. Wrinkle free shirts and slacks are stiff and most uncomfortable, the smooth over wrinkles poly blend polo always fits well and allows one to over-indulge in the fast food like market of casual wear.

I protest the dunlop being attractive on anyone, male or female! It is in-excusable to participate in clothing that highlights your flaws ( no matter how temporary they maybe). You need to properly cover your body and put forth your demand for respect and winks.
**Warning; men who dress proper to their body shape and age are prone to receiving flirtatious looks and maybe more…

As we learned before, Haute Cuture is a dream, the concept cars of fashion. We must take bits and pieces for inspiration and make it wearable for normal people. Fabrics make the shape look and work better. Some people prefer blends for durability, some prefer pure weaves for comfort, but if a garment contains a textile your not willing to come in contact with, put something on underneath like cotton or silk.

Shoes and shorts. There really is no pleasant combo for this look. But, appropriate genres can make it more bearable. Athletic shorts go with tennies and ankle socks. Cargo style or denim go with tennies or slides with no socks. Slacks shorts go with NICE shoes and hidden socks.

Just because you are not dressing for a job does not mean you slob out for comfort. You’re still a professional with an image to project.

Date night; For men over 45 this is tricky, wear the shorts look or go with the button down shirt? Can I mix them?

Rule 1; twill or denim shorts can go with button down tops in light breezy fabrics, good casual shoes, not flipfliops. Leave the plaids and stripes behind, go for a bold color over a pattern.

Rule 2; long sleeve shirts rolled up from the wrist say you’re ready to
” work it”. If you’re wearing a crew neck, make sure you have the pectorals to carry it. If not, go with a button down shirt. This look works with jeans, and stripes that compliment the length of your body will make you look taller and slimmer. Casual good shoes or athletic shoes.

Rule 3; Shoes, there is really no excuse to wear torn up sloppy dirty shoes. Designers like Steve Maddan have created contemporary looks with very comfortable features so don’t be afraid to try them on.

If you’re going to follow the rules or break them, whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and swagger. Practice proper grooming and finish off with cologne. ( Many fashion flaws will be forgiven if a man smells yummy).


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