Anime Five Cities Anime Convention on Saturday June 18th 2011 was a fantastic hit, local and long distance visitors came in droves to see what would be a widely popular convention held in San Luis Obispo, CA. I arrived at the festival at 12:00 noon and found it swamped with guests, many in costume and conversing with each other, many happy to be able to have a local convention that would give them an opportunity to be their favorite anime character.






I spoke with many of the patrons, and they were pleased and anticipated a great event. In addition to the “cos-play” contest, where visitors would be able to portray a character on stage and many patrons photographing each other, there were Illustrators, Vendors and special panels of voice actors and animators who took time to meet and speak with patrons and the press.


One such Voice Actress was Lauren Landa, voice actress of Many animated features and popular video games.


Another special treat was a variety of Japanese Video Games available to play in the “Anime Arcade” in the lobby and an Asian Fusion Food Vendor – “KunFusion” owned and operated by local chef Lori S. Nunes, whom has created a great menu of Asian Inspired cuisine which was so popular that the truck was never slow, in fact people returned to try many of the food choices over and over. I myself tried the “Sloppy Cho” and I was very impressed, I am hoping to do an interview with her again later.


This was the 2nd Anime event hosted by Anime Five Cities and I am sure that after the fabulous turn out, it will not be the last.


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