“At Crüe’s newest road show of fire and a noisy set-list of songs chosen by fans, there was no sign of the acrimony that’s sometimes broken the band apart over the decades–just a vivid celebration of their shared history. They reached across a mirrored piano to join hands during ‘Home Sweet Home,’ the kind of epic power ballad that was once essential in the days when hairspray dominated MTV. But most of their set was about tough hooks and pyro, from the grinding, roaring riffs ignited by guitarist Mick Mars on “Live Wire” to the spinning pentagram of ‘Shout at the Devil.’”

–Steve Appleford, (6/15/2011)


MÖTLEY CRÜE sets fire to the Hollywood Bowl (June 14). All photos except * by: Paul Brown.

MÖTLEY CRÜE are now on the road, having launched their summer headlining U.S. tour last week. Performing to record-breaking, star-studded crowds only four shows in, the group’s combination of hit songs (all fan-picked), over-the-top showmanship with pyro, state of the art sound and visual effects–including “The 360” drum coaster–is a must-see show drawing rave reviews from fans and tastemakers nationwide.
On Tuesday night (June 14), the rock icons hit the Hollywood Bowl for the first time–with a packed house, killer show and set list encompassing the below fan favorites and classics:

Motley Crue, Tuesday, June 14–Los Angeles, CA–Hollywood Bowl:

1) Wild Side
2) Saints of LA
3) Live Wire
4) Shout At The Devil
5) Same Old Situation
6) Primal Scream
7) Home Sweet Home
8) Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
9) Looks That Kill
10) Dr. Feelgood
11) Too Young To Fall In Love
12) Girls, Girls, Girls
13) Smokin’ In The Boys Room
14) Kickstart My Heart

Highlights from the Hollywood Bowl show included Cee Lo Green joining onstage for a crowd-pleasing mash-up of “Girl Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” and “F**k You.” Friends such as Dane Cook, Slash and Perla Hudson, Danny Masterson, Chris Jericho, Criss Angel and many others caught the Los Angeles show. On Sunday night (June 12) in Albuquerque, NM, actors Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner–in town filming the Avengers movie–caught the show.

Following the U.S. tour, Mötley Crüe are the 2011 honorees of Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip Music Festival ( The three-day festival kicks off with the group’s tribute on Thursday, Aug. 18 and will culminate on Saturday, Aug. 20 with Mötley Crüe headlining the outdoor festival live on Sunset Boulevard (between Doheny Drive and San Vicente Boulevard).

Watch TOMMY LEE’s 360 drum coaster in action:

MÖTLEY CRÜE tour dates, visit:

@TheVinceNeil, @MrMickMars, @NikkiSixx, @MrTommyLand


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