Ready for an evening of dramatic poetry readings, guitar and keyboard duos, improvisation, comic routines, and friendly conversation? Sometimes A cappella singing of madrigals from the 12th and 14th century, classical music, even hard-rock drumming also happen. All surrounded, on the walls, by vivid fine art–original paintings – while you sip coffee or hot chocolate, crowded into a warm and friendly space.

Then–to adapt an old cliché—Coffee Time is your time.

When? The festivities get started officially at 6 pm every Wednesday evening at 245 Town Center West, across from the Santa Maria mall, just a few doors down from Big Five. Give the high five and show up this coming Wednesday for more life and music and conversation.

The weekly event is sponsored by the Poetry Society of Santa Maria and has been happening for about 1 ½ years. I hate to say this, since I am a poet, but most poetry readings I have been to in my life have put me to sleep! Great poets reading great poetry in a dull, deadening style. NOT SO at Coffee Time. Here, the pace and vocalization are fast-paced and lively, the readings dramatic, often hilarious, or downright tragic. Rambunctious! Not dull by any stretch of the imagination.

Feel free to bring your own creative outpourings to the show as well. A sign-up sheet is passed around at the start for anyone wanting to present that evening.

And enjoy the coffee too:-).

Daniel Wilcox


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