Christine Lagarde, Custodian of the International Monetary Fund was recently named in Vanity Fairs Most Fashionable,Frances most fashionable. If that isnt an honor, nothing is. Christine earned her stripes working in various positions leading up to the IMF in finance and management of multi billion dollar companies. As Christine has been showing of her brain, she has never forgotten, she’s a lady.

Now in her 50s, Lagardi isnt slacking off. Wearing Chanel and most famous designers, she is professional and well put together. Even in jeans, her bag is perfect and her casual look is flawless.

So how can YOU make her lead work for you? Let’s break down what she does that works. First, all she wears is age and size appropriate. Nothing baggy or too revealing. She works her slim silhouette and no one who understands fashion would say she dresses like an old lady.

At far more reasonable prices, you too can find a simple suit and use scarves to add some color, accent jewelry to inject interest and shoes to pull it all together.

Color; Colors play off your skin tone, if you have olive tones wearing yellow or green will make you look darker, but not more attractive. If you are very light skin tones, you know dark colors and even some pales of whites and light greys will make you look ghostly. Choose colors for clothing, make up and hair color according to your skin tone. Platinum blonde is NOT for everyone. Sometimes a deeper golden shimmer is far more appealing.

Fit, it does NOT matter what size you are for fashion; if you have goals to change your body shape, that’s fine, but you still need to be dressed right now, so find clothing that suits your body type. Regardless of your weight, your leg length and torso length will relatively stay the same. Therefore, a leggy person will wear hip length tops and skirts above the knee. If you have short legs, long torso, wearing waist high tops and wide leg pants would compliment your type.Accessorize; add scarves, hair embellishments, earrings, necklaces, rings, belts. DO NOT add all at once! You only need two great accessories to high light an outfit. NO HANDBAGS do not count! Though a handbag should coordinate with your outfit, it does not take the place of earrings or a bracelet or nice necklace.

Shoes and Handbags, need to coordinate with your outfit, but not exactly have to match. As in, if you are wearing a sky blue top and white pants, you need a white or sky blue handbag. Those colors would work, but a natural caramel or black handbag would work also. Shoes, should match

your bag, so you see if your carrying a blue handbag and wearing blue shoes, it can get a little weird. So be aware of balance, contrast and coordinating. Travel bags are an exception, luggage needs to suit your travel needs not match your outfit.

Keep in mind, fashion is in the details. A top like this one has embellishments built in, so accessories would be very simple. Earrings and a bracelet would work but a great handbag would’nt hurt.
Clothing, Accessories;


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