A Fashionable Women’s Clothing Line
that saves dogs from Euthanasia.

Royal Bitch Couture is a fashionable women’s clothing line committed to helping save dogs from euthanasia.


Founded by big time dog lover and philanthropic entrepreneur Shane O’Neill, this Brentwood, California cause based company encourages people to help in saving the millions of dogs that are euthanized each year. Royal Bitch Couture has pledged to give back fifty 50% of the proceeds from the sales of their clothing line to various spay and neuter organizations across the country.

I’m giving back fifty percent 50% of the proceeds to spay and neuter organizations across the country,” O’Neill said. “I’m calling the initiative, HELPING P.E.T.S., an acronym for “Prevent Euthanasia Through Spaying.”

Out of the six to eight million homeless animals entering shelters each year in the United States, over four million of them are euthanized. “Roughly 80,000 animals are killed a week; this number is way too high and it that has got to stop,” says O’Neill.

In collaboration with a group of innovative woman’s fashion designers and some of Hollywood’s top celebrity stylists, O’Neill has created an everyday women’s wear clothing line. Royal Bitch Couture is custom designed clothing using only the finest materials made here in Los Angeles, CA.

The line features extra soft formfitting cotton tee’s, French loop terry hoodies, short shorts, low-rise workout/yoga pants and dresses, making the fashion collection a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

Each piece boasts the motto “HELPING P.E.T.S.” sewn on a small demask tag located on the side corner of each item. The Royal Bitch Couture hang tags also feature different breeds of cute little puppies which are advocates for this important cause.

“The reason in developing this woman’s clothing line was that I wanted to come up with a way to help lower the number of animals that enter shelters each year thus lowering the number of dogs that are euthanized.

I know we can all make a difference say’s O’Neill. I thank you, and the dog’s thank you for your support”!




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