Actress and Fashion Model Donna Guidry has designed jewelry for 15 years, under the Bijoutiere name, specializing in custom precious metals and gems. Bijoutiere’s innovative designs are constantly changing, focusing on jewelry that will be worn for a life time. 
Donna’s designs have appeared on celebrities in television shows, commercials and major motion pictures including herself. Born and raised in Louisiana, her jewelry has a flair all its own – can you say jambalaya?! 
Donna’s energetic business partner, Mary Irwin, joined forces with Donna in 2008. She brings balance, focus and serenity to this dynamic and prolific design team, always keeping the day to day functions of their company running smoothly. When challenges arise, Mary is our “go to girl’!
Bijoutiere’s current collections include: lace & grace, diamond dogs, charmed…I’m sure, jammin’ jewels, shimmer and shine, and faith and hope. 
Donna’s Mission: to provide quality handmade jewelry, bringing a sense of beauty, femininity and confidence to women with the essence of the French woman’s eternal youth!!!


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