“Jewelwraps” is the name given to our Pashmina Shawl and stole collection. We are a small family run business between two sisters. Our parent company is named after our father and is called Bhajan Basic Designs, Inc. We have been passionate to sustain the dying hand woven, hand crafted and hand embroidered art of making stoles, scarves and shawls. Our goal to make each piece unique in itself. The defining quality of our product line is its handmade characteristic skillfully made by artist employed by the company.


We design fabrications, different regional embroidery styles, color pallets that depict the flavor of the land and improvising by the individual artists that create each piece they make. We work with underprivileged, uneducated women and men. We teach them the required skills and provided them with a livelihood that makes them self reliant. We are a non-government funded company and work for profit. We have dedicated proceeds of our business to provide our workers with a better quality of life. We focus on helping to educate their children. Our manufacturing facility provides a work place for young mothers, where they are able to bring their infants to work.

Women are encouraged to educate themselves by ensuring they have part time jobs available with us to fit their school schedules. We strive to take care of their needs as they arise. Help is provided monetarily with their healthcare needs, locating clinics and doctors, providing for their commute and promoting preventive measures for a healthy lifestyle. Our dream is to have customers that understand and appreciate the value of the pieces they buy from us. Valued customers that desire to listen to the story each product wraps in itself.


Jewelwraps has taken the first steps for providing a better life for the artist that make it unique. We believe our handmade Pashmina fabrics and their natural blends, unique embroidery and embellishments are a luxury that will make you fall in love with yourself…!

Visit http://www.jewelwraps.com

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