Jewelry and Fashion Designer to the Stars

By Joseph Timmons – Groove Studio One Journalist

There is an unfortunate trend in the design world where the truly gifted and talented artists are shadowed by the trendy and over popularized mavens that grace the magazines and television with their images. It is often the case that said artisans never see their work accepted and appreciated, but not so with Josette Doyle-Redwolf, a very skilled and truly talented artisan presently living and working in her Florida studios. Josette is herself a vision of beauty and puts herself in everything she creates, coming from a family with Fashion in their blood, she creates stunning fashions and accessories that push the boundaries of modern with the balance of nature. Groove Studio One recently had the opportunity to talk with Josette and find out what makes her who she is and her creations so unique.


Josette’s mother was a well-established television and runway model whom made her mark in fashion history. In her own words “I used to watch her decked out in amazing capes and suits and dresses walking the runway. I remember seeing one particular outfit on her and I was hooked on capes. It was butter soft baby blue enhanced leather cape with a silver fox collar. She looked amazing and I’ve always kept my love for the outrageous ever since”. Since her youth, Josette worked with many famous musicians and both in the studio and on the road, designed and created one of a kind wardrobe items. For many years she created stage clothes, hair styles, and makeup and was a “general road mom” even though she was far younger than many of the rockers, during this time on the road, she was in a relationship with the late Eric Carr of KISS and was deeply saddened at his passing. Josette worked with names such as Quiet Riot, Armored Saint, David Lee Roth and recently has worked with Sandra Bernhard, Ana Patricia Gonzalez, Tanya Charry, Gloria Gaynor, Lynda Carter, Gary Busey and many more.


We asked Josette if there been any times where you found it difficult to bring her ideas into form; her reply was something we did not expect

“Yes, I constantly am trying to teach myself new ways to do things. Being that I broke my neck and have worked my way back from semi paralysis and have a debilitating disease called Mixed Ehlers Danlos and degenerative bone disease. In addition to my own illness, and am raising a son with the same debilitating disease and home school him I don’t have the luxury of being able to afford a specialized school .I would love to go to fashion and design school but financially it hasn’t been the right time. Then my jewelry just started to get very popular and now I am busy doing shoots and dressing celebs. So I have to teach myself when I want to do a new design”.

“No one really wants to help you and if they find that you do have real talent they definitely don’t want to help you because they find you a threat. So you are forced to have enough determination to teach yourself everything. With the frustration of all of that I created DARE TO DREAM A NEW REALITY which is a nonprofit that helps other disabled artists to learn an art that will help them make ends meet. We have a success story with Freda Harris who is one of my disabled artists. When I first met her she would make comments like “I’ve had a good life”, “I’m just waiting to die.” She was having a terrible time getting around and walking with a walker and leg and foot braces. Today she walks on her own without the use any assistive device. She constantly has smile on her face and just got her line of jewelry into the Hilton Gift shop here on the island and has meetings coming up with the Marriott! It’s a hand up not a hand out”.


Never before have we met such a designer that has not only had personal heartbreak, but like the mythical phoenix, risen from “the ashes” to spread beauty to the world. When we talked about inspiration, Josette referred to it as “A Slideshow in her head” It’s almost nonstop seeing designs and parts of designs. Sometimes Josette sees clothing, much of the time its amazing jewelry and then she would have to figure out how to make what she saw. What are some of the milestones you have achieved in your career?

Well the jewelry business is new to her, Josette has had her jewelry on Good morning America en Español 3 times in the last month and on fashion TV shows in Texas with the Latino community of which she is growing very popular with. Josette currently has had an article in People Magazine-en Español Online which is up for best dressed Against Kim Kardashion. Ana Patricia Gonzalez is wearing her spider necklace which was featured on the red carpet at Premios Juventad along with my Geode necklace on Tanya Charry another Latino star. She truly feels she is fortunate enough to have her jewelry gracing the red carpet of the PREMIOS TEXAS and that should lead to more jewelry appearing in people and other fashion magazines. I have made friends with Sandra Bernhard who is advertising her website now, “She is a sweet dear”.


Josette loves to work with natural elements like gorgeous butter soft leathers, huge fluffy furs and feathers and in the jewelry designs, in addition she works with amethyst and huge crystals and geodes. Josette stated her favorite design season is winter, even though she dislikes the cold weather. We asked is that is why she moved her operations to Florida –again, we were stunned, “I miss home, I had a celebrity friend and we had a beautiful little boy together. I went to Georgia to visit family and while I was there waiting on him to join us for Xmas, He passed away. I was in such a deep depression; I never went back to LA. I stayed in Georgia and found a home in the sticks; I ended up being miserable there. When my son got ill, the doctors told me that the only specialists in the country that knew about his disease were in Miami. I packed up the car and we drove to Miami and have been here ever since. I was diagnosed with the exact same rare disease. As soon as we can we are moving back home to LA. I love Miami don’t get me wrong but the fashion style just isn’t here not like NY or LA”.

Josette has been asked to do the eco fashion show for New York Fashion week and is preparing for that now. When working with other designers, she is constantly doing collaborations for magazines. Recently her creations were in magazine shoots for GQ South Africa and Maxim Magazine where the model was wearing nothing but her jewelry and accessories. Candidly, she stated that she didn’t realize how good a woman looks drenched in nothing but jewels.

Presently Josette is planning 3 major photo shoots coming up for my outrageous clothing designs and her jewelry lines for men which is super chunky, she will be using celebrity fashion stylist and TV personality Christian Ramirez as the face for the men’s line and for the women statement pieces which will turn every head. Her plan to have at least a few pieces on celebrities for every red carpet event coming up through 2012, which would be a phenomenal feat for any designer. Josette is preparing to create a bi weekly downloadable catalog for boutiques to purchase from nationwide. Absolutely all of jewelry designs are one of a kind or part of a limited edition series. The other thing is to make everyone aware the difference between a regular jewelry designer and herself.

“My son and I go on mining trips as often as we can to mine the stones ourselves. Since he got ill I have made contacts and have mining teams that dig for me, one of which leaves for Madagascar in just a few weeks. I think the most important thing about my jewelry is its fresh from the earth. We mine the stones, cut them and create one of a kind wearable art for you. I find incredible other artists in faraway lands to make things like brass beads of which are made especially for my designs and I in turn help that artist family with their needs. We have good karma brewing and the jewelry oozes that. I hear all of the time by empathic people what high energy the jewelry has”.


Josette Doyle-Redwolf Fashions and Jewelry designs can be found in original boutiques and on http://www.josetteredwolf.com, being as her creations are literally “One of a Kind” and no two items are the same, we suggest you view her online catalog as soon as possible or see if there is a local retailer near you that can obtain her wearable works of art.


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  1. Note: Groove Studio One would like to make addition to Article: We regret that we neglected to give credit to photographer Skip Gue for the photos and Michelle Bertelli for her excellent makeup. Thank youJoseph TimmonsGroove Studio One Magazine


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