Le Grand Fooding New York 2011 - Exquisite Corpse

Le Grand Fooding New York 2011 —Exquisite Corpse is a 52 hour pop-up restaurant, during which 13 chefs for all over the world will work in 4 hour shifts to bring you a wildly diverse culinary experience.

The term “exquisite corpse” comes from the French term “cadavre exquis”. Originating in the literary world, the exquisite corpse is a method by which a collection of words, or in this case dishes, is collectively assembled in sequential order. Each chef will symbolically start their first dish with one key ingredient that was featured in the previous chef’s dessert or last dish. Such a creative theme promises to make for a truly unique culinary experience.


WHEN? September 17 of 2011, from 6pm to 10pm.

WHERE ? At the Elizabeth Street Garden, one of downtown Manhattan’s best-kept secret. We are expecting approximately 450 guests.

Food 1: James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem, American electro band widely acclaimed and charted in the Billboard Top 10) with  Iñaki Aizpitarte of Le Chateaubriand, Paris. Ranked 1st French restaurant on the San Pellegrino 50’s best world’s restaurant.

Food 2: Dante Gonzales of Dante Fried Chicken. Dante is a chef, director and conceptual artist trying to bridge art through the medium of food. Artists and musicians are invited to cook family recipes with him + Muhsinah, Indie pop singer desbribed by the  Washington Post as one of the Young Soul Rebels. She attracted the attention of artists such as Thom Yorke and Common.

Food 3: Wylie Dufresne (wd~50, The leading American proponent of molecular gastronomy) + musician TBC.

– Food 4: the musicophile ice cream makers of Van Leeuwen (they might create a new flavor for the event).

Mixology (1 signature bar and 1 classic cocktail bar)

– Mixology 1: Richard Boccato of Dutch Kills, Weather Up and

PKNY – NYC. Boccato was the doorman behind Sasha Petraske’s unassuming Little Branch entrance in 2005 before he eventually crossed the threshold to become a bartender. Boccato showed such an exceptional talent that Petraske brought him to the team at Milk & Honey. Dutch Kills became a magnet for New York’s dedicated imbibers

– Mixology 2: Sasha Petraske of Milk & Honey, Little Branch, etc. (NYC, London, Milk and Honey is Petraske’s original spot. Beside helping to kick-start the city’s cocktail craze, Milk & Honey has also spawned a couple dozen ‘speakeasy’ imitators.)

The music

Band 1: Sondre Lerche (Norwegian singer, guitarist and songwriter. His albums were very well received with positive reviews in Rolling Stones and Pitchfork).

Band 2: Hanni El-Khatib. An up-and-coming garage rock musician.

DJ 1: Nancy Whang (American singer known for her work with LCD Soundsystem and the Juan MacLean).

DJ 2: DJ Mehdi (Ed Banger Records. Mehdi is a French hip hop and electro producer acclaimed for his DJ skills).

¤ Entrance fee: 50$ (part of tickets proceeds will support Action

Against Hunger) including 3 Jameson based half-sized cocktails, food tasting portions, the entire live concert and DJ set

¤ Ticket available at http://www.legrandfooding.com/


WHEN? September 23rd-25th of 2011, for 52hrs non-stop.

WHERE ? At the Honey Space in Chelsea (21st st & 11th ave). It is an independent exhibition space which was designed by artist Thomas Beale and opened in a public building in 2008, around very renowned and influent galleries. There has never been public events for now, only a couple of private small dinners.

WHAT? The restaurant will be operating around the clock and, in homage to the “exquisite corpse” tradition of the French Surrealists, each chef will use a bit of stock from his predecessor’s meal in the creation of his own dishes. During 6 rounds per day (+ a MasterCard preview dinner service cooked by Andrew Carmellini and Hugue Dufour), each of them lasting 4 hours, the chefs will follow one another, 24/24, to pay a tribute to the taste of the time. Every chef will maintain the flame of this ephemeral restaurant, passing on stoves and pans to each other and concocting some of their best recipes for 40 seated urban, curious, foodie and lifestyle-focused people per round + guests.


13 of the most renowned and créative Le Fooding-spirit chefs.

– September 23rd (MasterCard preview dinner service) : Hugue Dufour (M.Wells, New-York) + Andrew Carmellini (The Dutch, New- York). This will be the first time they cook together, forming an original duo, between the laid-back Quebecois chef and the high-end Italian chef.

– Sept 24- 25th : Kobe Desramaults (In de Wulf, Belgium), Armand Arnal (La Chassagnette, France),Ana Ros (Hisa Franko Casa, Slovenia), Sat Bains (Restaurant Sat Bains, U.K.), Blaine Wetzel (Willows Inn, San Juan Islands, Washington), Hugue Dufour (M.Wells, New-York), Fulvio Pierangelini (Hotel de Russie, Italy), Brooks Headley (Del Posto, New-York), Mauro Colagreco (Le Mirazur, France), Adeline Grattard (Yam’Tcha, France), Corey Lee (Benu, San Francisco), and Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana, Italy).

¤ Some of the best graphic designers for the creation of a collector menu-program and very sharp artists for the special scenography (Change is Good, Roberto, Jeanne Detallente….)

¤ Entrance fee: $ 100 (part of ticket proceeds will support Action Against Hunger) including a 4-course menu served tableside, 1/2 bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne and S.Pellegrino waters.


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