Introduction: SHADOW EDEN

We being to you Shadow Eden, a group that has something to say, and well said it is…

albumForged by incorporating progressive, rock, metal, fusion, and jazz styling, “Shadow Eden” delivers well crafted, listenable songs which feature virtuoso performances designed to please the ear of musicians and music lovers alike. The rest of the story is best told however, through the words and deeds of others.

The Shred Lord himself, Joe Stump proclaims “…..A power trio of excellent players, Shadow Eden combine elements of progressive rock, fusion and guitar-driven metal into well structured, highly musical, and very listenable tunes. …”

Shadow Eden’s self titled, self-financed and promoted ALL instrumental release, hailed by WORT Mosh Pit Radio as a “great” listen “for the proggy metal fan…”, became a mainstay of national radio entering the top 40 on the CMJ charts.  “SHADOW EDEN” culminates the heralded talents of founding members David Mercado and drummer Kenny Lane. Bassist extraordinaire Randy Coven (of Steve Vai/Steve Morse/Yngwie Malmsteen fame) rounded out the line up in July 2011.  Having proven their mettle on the live circuit, Shadow Eden has toured in support of esteemed players the likes of Dave Weiner (Steve Vai Band), Rob Balducci, and Joe Stump (Holy Hell). Moreover, Shadow Eden proudly made an appearance at the 2011 NAMM convention as honored guests of Charvel guitars & Morley pedals.

groupThe bands musical prowess has garnered the attention of and earned the band endorsements from manufacturers who feature their music and likeness.  The guitar laden “Book Of Mirrors” is proudly featured on the CHARVEL guitars Myspace. David Mercado is endorsed by CHARVEL guitars, JHS Pedals and recently adorned as a featured artist by Morley Pedals, while Randy Coven is endorsed by Warwick basses.




More Links to Shadow Eden

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Charvel features “Book of Mirrors” Dave Mercado Endorsed by Morley Pedals David Mercado Endorsed by JHS Pedals

 Facebook –   Kenny Weydener endorsed by Dean Markley Kenny Weydener endorsed by Hartke

Kenny Weydener endorsed by Spector Myspace  – Reverb Nation Website/Home Page Youtube



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